Thursday, October 17, 2019

The new Star Wars comic reveals how Phasma escaped from Starkiller | AIB

The first issue of the new Star Wars comic series, centered on bridging the gap between Episode VII and VIII, tells the story of Captain Phasma’s survival after the destruction of Starkiller, and his struggle and redemption to maintain his reputation within the First Order.

The last time the viewers could see the villain in “The Force Awakens,” the stormtrooper commander was about to be thrown in the garbage dump of the base, after having been forced to lower the defenses for the Resistance. At the moment it was not known how he had survived the destruction of the planet, but it seems that he have to thank the rebels for his release.

The new story written by Kelly Thompson shows how Phasma leaves the trash compactor thanks to the impact of one of the Resistance bombs. After verifying that Lieutenant Sol Rivas has acceded to the registry of its security codes, the commander tries to hunt to Rivas to cover its tracks and to maintain its status within the Order. He will not hesitate to let his companions die, confront his superiors and do everything necessary to collect his revenge. Throughout this new collection will be able to see its evolution as a villain, that promises to have more protagonist in “The last Jedi.”

Star War Fans were disappointed with the way the character played by Gwendoline Christie was handled in Episode VII, but Lucasfilm is working to offer a valuable material to answer all the questions about the commander. At the moment its role is unknown inside the film, but the tracks that show the promotional material suggest a connection with Kylo Ren. For now, Phasma will be accompanied by the droid BB-9E, the new character on the dark side of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

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