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Destiny 2: Assaults, Raids, and Cooperative Gameplay | AIB

Destiny 2 is one of the most anticipated releases of the final stretch of 2017, and we have prepared a very special countdown that will surely make you the shortest wait until the arrival of the multiplayer shooter from Bungie to PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Today we bring you a new story dedicated to one of the highlights of the game section: cooperative multiplayer including assaults, raids, guilds and guided games. 


As in the first adventure in Destiny 2, we can enjoy rounds with two players, either with friends or with other guardians through matchmaking. These assaults propose our new adventures in dungeons and scenarios of new planets, where we have to destroy all enemies. One of the new rounds of Destiny 2 is the loop inverted on the planet Nessus and is a clear example of what that will be varied and complete these cooperative challenges. In fact, Reversed Exhale includes new mechanical and exciting as the possibility of using elements of the scenario or use portals jump to cover vast distances. 


The raids are one of the most popular game modes by followers of Destiny in the ultimate cooperative challenge because it forces the six members of the squad to work together and combine their skills to overcome puzzles, areas of platforms and powerful bosses. Yes, the reward is well worth and is to overcome raids will give us access to new weapons and equipment of legend. Destiny 2’s First Raid Will Be Called ‘Leviathan!’

Clans and Guided Games!

Destiny 2 incorporates two new system for cooperative play: the clans and guided games. On the one hand, we clans, i.e., groups that we can come together to play and get rewards and experience for completing activities with other team members. Each clan will have its theme and its banner so that the user can know more about each group before joining them. 

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On the other hand, are guided games, which are an easy way to help players find clans alone, for example, play a raid or participate in a competitive match in testing. For instance, if five players want to play a raid and lack a player; guided aid items would be needed to complete the squad of six users. In other words, guided games will ensure all players to experience Destiny 2 all available content.

Destiny 2 will go on sale in PS4 and Xbox One from next September 6, while PC game will not arrive until 24 October.

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