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5 Keys to Overcome an Emotional Failure | AIB

Who has not suffered an emotional failure? We are not talking only about those times when they have abandoned us or even betrayed us. There are relationships that, for whatever reasons, are doomed from the beginning to not being, not to stay.

Sometimes love is not enough to sustain a relationship, we all know. Is there an efficient formula for overcoming this suffering as soon as possible? The answer is no, each of us must need a particular process through which, going forward day by day to overcome and heal that wound, without a doubt, it will help us in the long run, to be a little more wise, more cautious.

The 5 best strategies that will surely help you overcome a failure:

1. Coping with Grief and Loss!

The grief that must be undergone by anyone who has lost someone. Therefore we must live through the critical phases, that is, there will be the first phase of incomprehension, another of anger, another of reality assumption, where there must be tears and the need for solitude, until we accept the situation, to overcome it.

There are those who decide not to think about it, who refuses even to agree that separation, and also there are those who are limited only to store “rabies.” But it is a mistake, everything that hides, in the end, makes us only sick, and if we commit ourselves for storing rage, we will hardly open ourselves to new relationships in a healthy way.

2. Finding another partner soon is a mistake!

Surely you have the loving friend who, seeing you sad or upset by your emotional failure, tells you that “come out with me tonight that I will introduce you to someone.” Not yet a week has passed, and we are already encouraged to look for a new partner.

Is this the right thing to do? No. We all need a time of “inner reconstruction,” of adaptation. If we start a new relationship immediately, we are more likely to fall into the mistake of comparing, remembering too much, showing fear, mistrust. Give yourself some time!

3. Do not lock yourself at home, look for an occupation!

Once you overcome the rage, tears and interior readjustment, it is appropriate that you focus your life in new areas. If you have work, focus on it and look for moments of leisure. Do sport, write or create something.

The important thing is to realize that life continues and that you can get involved in new occupations with which makes you happy. All activity relieves and allows you to establish distances, discover new things, and, above all, advance.

4. Failure is not a Defeat!

An emotional failure is not a personal defeat. It is a stage of your life from which you have learned, it is part of your vital learning, and as such, you must assume it. You are more than that relationship; you are a person with a right to be happy and to learn from things. Rejection, a deception, loss or disappointment, are aspects to overcome but you should not determine.

You should be a person capable of advancement, who adapts and learns from all adversity with resilience, and who undoubtedly deserves to be happy. Love is something that is always worthwhile, and that enriches us, you have the right to live it again, being a little wiser.

5. You should make yourself happy!

Failures hurt, and leave us marks. Though you must realize that nothing in this life is eternal, life runs, it escapes, flows like a river or water that sneaks between our fingers. Therefore, the most important thing in this life is you and your ability to make yourself happy.

Life is full of windows that close to bring new doors to which you must peer. You are the protagonist of your life, learn to make you happy, the pain of that break today should not be endless, it is only one step in your life that you must overcome, to experience many more things.

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