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What Is Sarahah and Why Is Everyone Talking About It? | AIB

Sarahah the anonymous messaging app is creating a lot of buzz in the online world. Over the last few weeks, you might have seen this app gradually making its way across your social networks, and now it becomes a big hit in India. It is a messaging app provides a platform to search for users, express one’s feelings much easily and anonymously.

How Sarahah Works?

It is simple you have to create a Sarahah profile, which anyone can visit. Even without logging in, people can visit your profile and leave messages, anonymously. If they have logged in, messages are still anonymous by default, but users can choose to tag their identity. On the receiver’s app, all the incoming messages show up in an inbox, and you can flag messages, delete them, reply, or favorite them to find them easily later.

It is available for Android and iOS, and once you complete the registration process you can share the link with whoever you want, with that link everyone can comment, regardless of whether it is registered; However, to receive feedback if registration is necessary. In the platform you will find three columns, one will show the messages that you have received; The second, your favorites and in the third, the ones you have sent.

Sarahah emphasizes that no one will be able to see your messages unless you decide to share them in social networks. Now, the app has been used mostly for cyber bullying.

Its Origin and History!

This app was designed in Saudi Arabia in 2016 with the aim of communicating with company employees and their bosses through anonymous messages to express their feelings. In fact, the developer of the platform, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, revealed in an interview with the Financial Times “that he thought that anonymity would be a good way to motivate his staff and that has not meant for a person.”

Finally, Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq decided that this idea would also be of general interest and not only for its workers, so in February 2017, the platform was available to anyone who wanted to use it. In July, the portal becoming an anonymous messaging app.

One of the aspects that have made the social network increase its popularity is sincerity, and that was the primary objective when it began to develop. However, currently it is quite controversial, and it is a way to commit all kinds of harassment and bullying, something that logically we do not support at all.

#Sarahah is a self-development tool that allows people to receive constructive feedback

— ZainAlabdin Tawfiq (@ZainAlabdin878) July 15, 2017

Another danger that this social network has is total sincerity and is that when users are anonymously posting their opinions, they run the risk of being too sincere with the other person so that it can generate conflicts.

What’s more, it allows sharing messages in Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so we can make a grave mistake and make it public. That’s why we think it has created with good intentions, however, offered features can to achieve otherwise.

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