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Top 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World | AIB

 Many places that will impress you, especially if you did not know them before. They are not fit for people with heart problems. But if you like to travel, to know new and curious places, these are the places worth a visit.

We always recommend you to go to these sites with guides who know the area. Not only you can get lost, but also you may lose your life. There have been few who have not returned due to recklessness. However, they are such special places that you will remember them throughout your life. They are a bit scary, but worth seeing them up close, but not too close, just in case.

Try to record that you have been there, get some photo or a selfie, since we are sure that some of your friends will not believe you when you tell him that you have been there. 

1. Saltstraumen (Norway)

Here we find the strongest marine currents in the world, especially when the tide goes up. We do not recommend sailing in these waters when the situation is so critical. This beautiful and dangerous panorama can be found about 30 kilometers from Bodo in Norway.

2. The Preikestolen Rock (Norway)

Preikestolen or Pulpit Rock is a cliff which stands 604 meters. We advise you to visit it only if you do not have much giddiness. The best-known place is this rock between two boulders. Here it is imperative to take a photo.

3. The Cave Gouffre Berger (France)

It is more than 1,200 meters deep and has an incredible lake inside. To return from the depths of the cave back to the surface can take between 15 and 30 hours, without long breaks. During a storm or heavy rain, the cave will become a deadly trap, and the water levels rise very quickly. Many explorers have died visiting it. 

4. Great Blue Hole (Belize)

It is a giant submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize, the beauty of this place is only similar to how dangerous it is to dive in these waters. Scuba divers who are tempted by chance to dive in this waters witnessed dark cave with impressive stalactites. Exaggerated pressure can kill anyone who wants to see such “aesthetic” beauty.

5. The Guoliang Tunnel (China)

The countryside men from the Taihang Mountains region of China have made this remarkable tunnel carved along the side of and through a mountain. The pillars are made of wood and give a feeling of frailty.

6. The Antelope Canyon (USA)

The incredible shapes that have on this route are astonishing, but at the same time dangerous. These forms have been created by the torrential waters that seep into the subsoil and can leave you trapped if you do not get out quickly. We recommend that you take a good look at the weather forecast before visiting them.

7. Darvaza Gas Crater (Turkmenistan)

The Soviet engineers found oil on this site set up a drilling rig. Soon after finding natural gas, the ground underneath the drilling rig and camp collapsed into a wide crater and buried. Assuming dangerous releases of poisonous gases from the hollow into nearby towns, Geologists set it on the flame to prevent the spread of methane gas, since then it has not stopped burning. The diameter of the abyss is 69 meters, and its depth is 30 meters.

8. Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve (Madagascar)

It is defined by needle-shaped limestone formations, above cliffs over the Manambolo river. The incredibly sharp limestone formations can cut through equipment and flesh quickly, which makes traversing them extremely difficult. The word “Tsingy” is procured from a local word meaning “the place where one cannot walk barefoot.” This peculiar rock forest is not suitable for people who can easily become disoriented; only locals pass it safely. Its beauty is incomparable.

9. El Salto de Tequendama (Colombia)

The river billows through a rocky gorge that narrows to about 18 meters at the brink of the 132 meters high falls. While in the month of December, the falls become completely dry. The falls, once a popular site for suicides, and also a dangerous magical place.

10. La Quebrada (Mexico)

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Acapulco, Mexico. Divers defy death to entertain visitors by jumping off of two ledges on the cliff. They must calculate the moment of the jump very well because it must match an exact time of the wave to avoid serious injury or death. In one of the cliff, there is a way for a restaurant where travelers gather to watch the divers and to view pelicans diving for fish.

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  1. It's dangerous yeah but walking along the pavement is, everything is dangerous but just live your life & do what makes you happy because you might now be here tomorrow to experience it.

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