Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Emoji Deserves Better Than The Emoji Movie | AIB

Animated movies changed the film industry, not only for being another option for younger, actually became much deeper frames that arrived the whole family. Like everything in life, there are good and bad ideas; emoji are a necessary part of mobile devices for all people because they help us effortlessly to express emotions. Sony Pictures Animation decided to make a movie of those expressions. Emojis faced the backlash from the beginning, often being correlated with frivolity and stupidity.

‘Emoji: The Movie’ discover the never before seen secrets of the inner world of your smartphone. It hides behind the text messaging application, Textópolis, it is a bustling city in which live all your favorite, waiting to be selected by the telephone user emoticons. It is the world in which each emoji has a unique facial expression, except for Gen (TJ Miller), an emoji born unfiltered and is filled with multiple expressions. To become normal like the other emoji, Gen embarks on an adventure or “app-venture” with his friends Hi-5 (James Corden) and Jailbreak (Ilana Glazer). But soon, a major threat will make the fate of these characters depends on the three friends, having to save his world before it is completely erased.

The Emoji Movie panned by critics started with Metacritic. Currently, the site has 19 reviews of the film by official media, making the score 9 points out of 100, making it the worst rated animated film in the history. In Rotten Tomatoes, figures are worse although the audience numbers are positive it managed 46 points out of 100, bad for any movie except for the Emoji.

In the end, the most critical phase will be the box office numbers in its first weekend when it is released in other countries. Still, things do not look good at all.

Emoji Movie set to release in India this Friday on August 11.

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