Tuesday, November 19, 2019

SpaceX is Sending the Supercomputer to the International Space Station | AIB

Tomorrow, a rocket from SpaceX will be launched from Cape Canaveral traditional base with a remarkable mission: to deliver supercomputer to the International Space Station (ISS). This machine, developed by HP Enterprise, named after Spaceborne Computer and shall be designed to carry out checks to determine to what extent it may be possible to work with this technology in space conditions. It’ll likely take for a crewed spacecraft to make the trip to Mars.

The project has the backing of NASA, being of great interest for the development of computer technology over the coming years in space. Now, most of the work demands a high level of technology linked to computers is done on Earth because so far not managed to provide the ideal solution to carry out in the states they give abroad. If the computer remains usable, technology aboard spacecraft can be improved, making it possible to send astronauts deeper into space.

Aspirations for the coming years pass by carrying out missions increasingly distant from Earth, which is a major impediment when receiving information from them with current technology. Latency increases and communication becomes heavier, slower and less reliable the farther you are from the land base, why it is necessary to have high – caliber computer equipment in space. HP Enterprise itself commented on it.

“The experiment with Spaceborne Computer shows us not only what needs to be done regarding advanced computing space, but also provide discoveries about how to improve the performance of technology on Earth and potentially affect other areas of technological innovation” – says Hewlett-Packard

This supercomputer is powered by a version of Linux and has a system of liquid cooling created specifically for the occasion. Also, HPE has had to develop software that could adapt to environmental conditions, varying and producing the necessary adjustments for optimal operation.


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