Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Maximum Games announces Beast Quest for Xbox One, PS4, and PC | AIB

Maximum Games has announced the development of Beast Quest, an action adventure for PC, Xbox One and PS4 based on the popular series of novels of the same name that have published more than 120 books and sold more than 17 million copies and more will come until 2026.

“The environment, characters and fantasy-plagued story of Beast Quest are the perfect foundations for creating a modern game console adventure,” said one studio official, Christina Seelye. “We are designing an incredible and faithful world to the fabulous saga that has won millions of followers, not forgetting to offer the best fun for adventure lovers.”

Developed by Torus Games, this will be the first video game based on the famous Beast Quest saga. In this adventure, with RPG dyes, players will embark on an epic odyssey in which they will have to prevent the legendary world of Avantia from falling into ruin. “Black magic has corrupted the imposing and noble creatures of the kingdom, which players will face in action-packed battles,” reads the official description of the game. “Dodge, block and counteract attacks as you hit and unleash allies to turn the tables of combat.”


  • A Sprawling, Epic Journey – Explore exciting environments on your journey to free the Beasts that are under the dark spell of the wizard, Malvel.
  • Action-Packed Conflict – Battle dangerous creatures and take on giant Beasts in boss battles, using swift maneuvers to dodge, block and attack enemies.
  • Profound Upgrades – Upgrade health, attack, and defense through your skill tree, and equip accessories to augment your hero’s attributes.
  • A Land of Treasure – Explore snowy peaks and mysterious forests, seeking out ancient artifacts and lost wealth.
  • Hundreds of Challenges – Embark on numerous side missions along your journey that reveal the many hidden secrets of Avantia.
Beast Quest bets on open world scenarios where players will find a variety of challenges. It will go on sale in physical and digital next October 31.

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