Friday, November 22, 2019

Job Alert! NASA Is Hiring a ‘Planetary Protection Officer’ | AIB

NASA is looking for a Planetary Protection Officer who will help to protect the planet Earth from an Alien Contamination. No, it isn’t a joke, it is an actual job ad on the US government’s website.

The job is to prevent organic-constituent and biological pollution in human and robotic space exploration that doesn’t make its way back to the space ship. NASA maintains planetary protection policies applicable to all space flight missions that could lead to the planets and other solar system bodies terrestrial organisms and organic compounds’, detailing the description of the job.

The job summary says the three-year position involves frequent travel and comes with an annual salary between 124,000 and 187,000 US dollars. The selected will be responsible for the implementation and monitoring of policies planetary protection missions NASA spaceflight.

Candidates must have an awareness of Planetary Protection, experience in managing national significant space programs and have shown skills in diplomacy that resulted in win-win solutions during the complicated situation and elaborate multilateral negotiations. Candidates who seek the job must have an academic background in mathematics, physical sciences or related engineering mechanics, dynamics, electronics and material properties.

The ad was created on 13th July; However, this advertisement got more recognition after it was posted on Twitter, inciting a flow of mildly amusing jokes and bogus job applications.

Interested in @NASA‘s opportunity to become a Planetary Protection Officer?! Vacancy is open! Learn more on @USAJOBS

— NASA People (@NASApeople) August 2, 2017

Interested job seekers have until August 14 to Apply Here!

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