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Carb Cycling Diet: Benefits & Tips to Maintain Weight | AIB

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Are the carbohydrates you drink well for you? If you’re looking to lose weight and be healthier, there is a diet called Carb Cycling. It is a popular diet among people who exercise vigorously and those who want to burn fat quickly and also build muscle. 

Remember that if you have doubts of any kind regarding the diet you want to follow, it is necessary that you go to your doctor to explain your intention of diet, so you can get advice what best choice for you.

What is Carb Cycling Diet?

Carb cycling means that you start your day eating carbohydrates and alternates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. People adjust their carbohydrate intake daily while others change more moderately. It has aimed at taking carbs from time to time but not taking them when they are not needed.

How to start!

The first step is to choose which cycle you need to follow. If you want to lose a lot of fat, it would be good to start with three days low in carbohydrates followed by one day high in carbohydrates. If you are an athletic person and you want to gain muscle, then you would do 1 and 1, i.e., a low carb day and a high carb day.

What do you have to eat every day!

Low-carb days are mostly made up of proteins and fats. You can eat carbohydrates, of course, but they should be very restricted and only come from vegetables. You will also have to eat fewer times during the day on low carbohydrate days because you will eat more high-fat foods.

High carb days contain much more carbohydrates. They also include less fat. You will have to eat more often during the day on high carb days because you will not be so full when eating less fat.

Which carbohydrates are most suitable for eating!

Although it sounds exciting to eat more carbohydrates, the diet does not require eating a lot of bread and donuts. Instead, you should feed your body with healthy and clean carbs like sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, and oats.

It may seem boring, but you can add honey, cinnamon, and fruit to sweeten these foods. You can also eat some donut or bread that you like. But do not be more than once a week and always on a high day of carbohydrate consumption.

How can exercise be if you follow this diet!

Doing exercise while in carb diet cycling will help you speed up your fat loss. The key is to plan your workouts based on the day you are in the cycle. If it’s on a low carb day, it’s okay not to push yourself too hard by exercising. You can include interval training of high intensity with low to obtain an efficient training without tiring you.


Save few carbs these days for just before and after your workout. Your great days of exercise should be done on high carb days when your body is having the most energy possible. It will make you feel better to train more rigorously.

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