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Are Temporary Tattoos Of Henna Safe? Here’s What You Should Know | AIB

 Temporary tattoos may seem harmless to us, but we need to take precautions before using it. First, we need to know the difference a regular tattoo and a henna tattoo. In the regular tattoo, we are making a wound in the dermis, which is the layer that lies below the epidermis. The skin gets constantly renewed, but the dermis tends to remain the same. Therefore, if we inject ink directly into this layer, the drawing will not be erased. On the other hand, in henna tattoos, we do not inject ink under the skin, but we directly apply a dye in the most superficial layer.

Henna is a dye of vegetal origin that has been used in India for centuries. Being entirely natural, it does not trigger any health risks. The problem is when natural henna has mixed with a substance called paraphenylenediamine (PPD). It is a chemical that gives it that blackish color. We can also find it in other products that dye, such as inks for printers, hair dyes, colorings, shoe polishes, felt pens, etc. The PPD in black henna is 15%, a very high figure. Unfortunately, although this type of henna is illegal, there is no control over this kind of practice, and it is common even to see street stalls where they do them.

In regular tattoos there are risks of infections and diseases that are transmitted by injection, it is true that the possibilities are minimal if we choose a clean place where they sterilize the material and have a permit from the Ministry of Health. However, when we talk about black henna tattoos, the chances of having an allergic reaction are enormous, and not only that, they can produce damages that are not seen with the naked eye, as in the liver or kidney.

In the end, if you decide to get a temporary tattoo, you have to know the type of henna they are going to use in the room. Ask for the kind of henna they will use and what color the tattoo will be. If they say, black try to avoid it. They have to be a reddish or brownish color.


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