Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Adventurers Tastes More Success Than Ordinary People | AIB

 Regardless of age and size, going out on an adventure, being closer to nature itself gives us a sense of accomplishment. That’s why adventurers feel full, because they connect with nature, with their goals and with themselves.

Stress and lower levels of oxygen in the body accelerate cellular aging and influence to illness in general. The fresh air you get when you go out for an adventurous expedition regulates stress and increases oxygenation, which strengthens your body and makes you healthier too. 

Research shows that outdoor physical activity enhances the activity of the hippocampus, which is the primary area of ​​the brain in charge of storage. So when the adventurer goes out for a spin, it slows the loss of hippocampal functions, helping to maintain memory and mental health for years. Adventures often deliver moments that we will want to remember forever. It is essential to create memories that generate satisfaction.  Taking time to live our dreams is an investment because later we can relive our adventures and enjoy their teachings in our minds. 

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Every time we put ourselves in situations where things do not necessarily turn out as we want, we learn and grow as people. Adventurers are regularly faced with uncertainty, alternative routes, indomitable nature, the change of their state, frustrations, demanding a little more, and so on. With each adventure, they learn and acquire new means to face the uncertainties of life with more wisdom. 

Live as many dreams as you can!

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