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3 Simple Steps to Conquer Your Fears and Achieve Your Goals | AIB

 Fear is one of the various common reasons why people defer doing something to achieve their goals. Postponing or hesitating is an effort to avoid failure, rejection, disappoint or anger someone you love, get hurt or just have a hard time.

Being afraid is normal, but it is necessary to remember that, as humans, we have evolved into a stage in which almost all our fears are self-created. We are frightened ourselves by imagining adverse results of any event. Fear, in fact, is a vision that seems real to us.

These are three simple steps to overcome fears and achieve our goals:

Always be Positive!

When we are afraid, our mind is full of negative feelings and ideas. When you are scared, make yourself aware of the thoughts that come to your head. Then choose to reinstate them with a positive vision and the desired result. For example, if you’re afraid to start your own business because you think you will end up losing your house, imagine your new business becoming a great success and buying a second holiday home with all the additional income you’re earning with your new venture.

Focus on Physical Awareness!

You can feel the fear in the body like a knot in the stomach, a tightening in the shoulders and chest, or a high heart rate. Now, focus on the feelings you prefer to be experiencing, such as peace and joy. Let these two sensations come and go for a few moments, and you will see that in a few minutes you will find a more neutral feeling.

Remember your Successes!

You have overcome many fears to be the person you are today: to learn to drive, to ask your mate if she wanted to go on a date and to have the job you have today. New experiences are always a bit scary. But when you face your fears and you do it anyway, you realize that you are capable of doing so. Remember your successes, however small they may seem to you and be your inspiration. If you achieved that, why can not you achieve this?

 At some point, we have been afraid to leap into the unknown. But once done, a new life will begin.

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