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15 Amazing Places on Earth You Won’t Believe That Exists | AIB

 The world we live in is filled with beautiful landscapes composed of mountains and trees, full of wonders and incredible new places to discover. Sign of the grandeur of nature is everywhere; there are some places in our world that you are not going to believe they exist.

Colors vary, as do shapes and sensations, these tourist destinations lead the way with its natural grandeur and beauty. From time to time it is worth going out, the next destinations are the ones that you will find on this list.

1. Giant’s Causeway – Ireland

The forms on the ground are basalt columns. They were formed by rapid freezing of lava from some volcano or crater.

2. Caño Cristales – Colombia

It is considered the most beautiful river in the world. The colors were formed due to the different types of algae under water.

3. Antelope Canyon – Arizona

It is a geological structure that has been generated for thousands of years. It consists of two formations of almost 40 meters. It is one of the most visited canyons in the world.

4. Waterfall under water – Mauritius

That your eye sight does not fool you, it seems that it is a waterfall under the sea, but the reality is different. The sand deposits that are located on this island make this place a grand spectacle.

5. White Waterfall – Turkey

It is a geological fault that created a series of terraces with water. The small “pools” have hot springs filled with minerals.

6. Marble Cathedral – Chile 

 General Carrera Lake is a formation of minerals that gave rise to different levels of salts in the walls. In show is amazing and very beautiful.

7. Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá – Colombia

It is a cathedral built in ancient salt mines. The lighting and the architectural design, make this space astonishing. It has great art pieces and an excellent tour.

8. Arctic Sentinels – Finland

The ideal time is to visit in winter when the temperature has dropped. You will see trees covered with snow as if they were among clouds of cotton. Also, at the time of year, you can enjoy the Venus belt.

9. Reed Flute Caves – China 

It has several rock formations inside the cave. The lighting was organized by the government to make this site a more exciting place; Gives it a magical and striking touch.

10. DeadVlei – Namibia

It is known as a dead land. It is not well known how he came to be what he is now. The desert, oddly, has the skeletons of some trees.

11. Great Prismatic Source – United States

It is a small lake with hot springs, full of colors and a very striking form; it is part of the incredible landscapes of the world. Its colors are due to a significant amount of pigmented bacteria.

12. Geyser Fly – Nevada

It is a geological fault that is not so natural. Many years ago, people in search of water dug the place, finding hot springs. Over time the geyser formed. Its colors are due to mineral elements.

13. Lake Baikal – Russia

Lake Baikal is in a rift valley, formed by the Baikal Rift Zone, where the Earth’s crust is slowly pulling apart, it is the deepest lake in the world and also known as the “Blue Eye of Siberia,”

14. Lake Hillier – Australia

It’s a pink lake! It appears to be some bacteria allow this coloration, but people are still looking for explanations.

15. Lake Natron – Tanzania 

It is a salt lake located near the border with Kenya. The water has a reddish coloration due to the algae that are at the bottom. In this lake, only the flamingos survive.

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