Sunday, August 18, 2019

Spider-Man PS4 Game Developers Talks About Open World Movement In An Interview | AIB

Spider-Man PS4 was one of the titles that produced more excitement during the last E3 2017. Marvel’s upcoming adventure title showed its merits in an excellent gameplay during the Sony conference, and now, following an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine, creative director Bryan Allgeier of Insomniac Games has talked about the importance to offer a fluid movement when navigating the open world of the game.

“We know that movement is the most significant thing we need to hit when it comes to Spider-Man. When swinging through the open world of New York, you have to feel a fluid momentum and a sense of skill and Domain”, commented Allgeier. Of course, in Insomniac Games they already have a good experience in creating open worlds with vast options of movement, as is the case of Sunset Overdrive: “Having created an open world that was based on the movement has helped a lot.”

Fortunately, the new Spider-Man for PS4 will offer us a Spider-Man already experienced, with which we can tour New York City with ease: “Peter Parker is 23 years old and has been Spider over a year when you start the game. There is a level of mastery that has accumulated over the years as if it were an athlete at the height of his career.

We remind you that Spider-Man will hit PlayStation 4 in 2018, although there is no specific date for its release yet. Of course, when it arrives, it is expected to reach the 100 million units of PS4 sold.

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