Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ring ORII: The World’s First Voice-Powered Bluetooth Smart Ring | AIB

Handling your smartphone is usually consumes your awareness, so you can’t understand your surroundings. If you’re doing business over the phone that makes even more challenging. So, there is a new device that may help you Orii, an intelligent ring that turns your finger into a mobile phone and lets you send messages with voice and make calls. 

The ring operates as an interface for mobile to attend the call, just press your fingertip over the ear, and the sound will be transmitted through the bone of the index. It uses Bluetooth to connect to mobile and can perform various functions when communicating: make and receive calls, read and send messages, navigation, scheduling activities, reminders, to post to Tweet and to activate voice search in Siri or Google Assistant or translate in real time by tapping your ring our ear.

Bone Sound Technology Makes It Possible! 

In Orii there is a vibration motor and no loudspeaker for producing the sound, The technology used, also known as “Bone Conduction,” has been utilized for a long time in many Bluetooth headsets and hearing aids. According to the manufacturer, the battery should last for up to 45 hours of standby – but only a maximum of one and a half hours when you are actively talking on the phone. For this, ORII is designed less for long conversations, but rather for many short interactions with contacts or the language assistants.

Also, you can configure the reception of messages in the app, thanks to the bone conduction you can hear the sound through your finger, this technology used today in medical hearing aids. According to its creators, ‘the sound quality is excellent,’ so we can hold talks as usually. This device comes in various colors and also it is waterproof and splash-proof.

ORII has dual noise canceling microphones that allow wearers make calls, send text messages, and access Siri or Google assistant right away. It works with iOS and Android apps which automatically filter notifications by assigning certain contacts and apps colors that can flash an LED light on the ring. Taking a call, or avoiding one, has never been easier!

Plus, with access to Siri and Google Assistant, ORII provides a screen-free way to use your smart phone. ORII has already reached its funding goal on Kickstarter platform will start selling units in February 2018, and it priced at 159 dollars.

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