Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Don’t Waste Your Time Trying To Be Better | AIB

 Why should we try to improve something in which we are poor, rather than achieve something in what we are already good?

When we choose a particular goal in our life, people around us including our family members may think that it is not a correct decision. In some cases, we can’t even convince them at all until we achieve something. Don’t worry about that follow your heart standby on the decision.

The pressure always brings best out of us. To get far in our destiny, we must be perfect at something in particular; We must have skills and talent in one specific area, but not need to be in all.

I once heard the story of a teacher who called the mother of one of his students and said,

“Your child has done very well in the drawing but very poorly in mathematics. What are you going to do about it? “

And the mother replied:

“I will target private math classes with a tutor and make sure he study at least 2 hours a day.”

And the teacher replied:

“Don’t! That would be a mistake. Sign up to an art academy! That’s what he’s good at! “

Don’t compare to others, you should be recognized for unique value and should have the strength to become better every day. Also, good to have the dreams of teaching others so as to help them to succeed. Everyone should understand that not everyone has the same types of intelligence, looks, interests, or talents.

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