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Top 8 Most Romantic Places In The World | AIB

There are simply some places, some kinds of adventures, that make us want to fall in love, romantic getaways usually include candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach and pampered accommodations.

But some destinations have their own “I do not know what.” In places like Bali and the Greek islands, you honestly feel something special in the air. From the streets of cherry blossoms in Kyoto to the sensuality of tango in Buenos Aires, we then give you our selection of the most romantic places in the world to make romantic getaways.

1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is not just an attractive face: while its picturesque settings attract visitors from all over the world, its unique culture and tradition make them come back for more.

Watch the sun set watching the clear blue waters at Sanur, a popular beach destination. An iconic tourist attraction, Tanah Lot, is a 15th-century temple that appears in the middle of the ocean in a small rock formation. Do not miss the five waterfalls between Bedugul and Singaraja: Gitgit is the furthest within the mountain and visitors can climb 150 steps to watch and experience waterfalls that leave you speechless.

Traveler Tip: To avoid the crowds on the beaches that are further south of Bali, visit Echo Beach in Seminyak. The single piece of sand is located under a series of corals and usually, presents a dream fog.

2. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a city that looks like a fairy tale that enchants its visitors. The city’s outdoor plazas, quaint houses, and cobbled streets create a romantic atmosphere, and couples can make small boat trips through their canals.

Climb the 366 sinuous steps of Belfort to have a panoramic view of the city. Travel in horse-drawn carriages that take you to Beguinage, an impressive monastery with bridges and ponds full of swans.

To get canal-side accommodation and high-level services, book a room at the Hotel De Tuileriëen, one of the recommended by Fodor’s Choice. The property has charming guest rooms and lounges and delivers services including Belgian house chocolates.

Traveler Tip: Do not skimp on expenses and eat at the De Karmeliet restaurant. Housed in an 18th-century, this formal restaurant presents a garden full of flowers and plants that will liven up your meal outdoors.

3. Kyoto, Japan

 A city is best known for its ancient shrines, temples, and palaces.  Kyoto is, for various people, the essence of traditional Japan. Spring is undoubtedly the most romantic time for a visit. Cherry-blossom trees line in the sidewalks and pagodas sit atop lush green hills; visitors can look out over breathtaking hills at Enryaku-Ji, an ancient temple with complex architecture.

Traveler’s Tip:  Western Kyoto is home to some of the city’s best religious structures: Tour Kinkaku-Ji’s golden temple, walk through the rock garden at Ryoan-Ji, or stop by Kitano Tenman-gu’s bustling monthly market.

4. Charleston, South Carolina

The magnificent grounds, historic ambiance and the relaxed southern charm of Charleston make it an ideal romantic getaway. Walk through the streets full of magnolias in the South of Broad neighborhood of the city which has elegant mansions and green parks. 

The Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park offers perfect scenery, filled with waterfalls and views of Charleston Pier. Drive up to Boone Hall’s gardens and plantations and explore the beautiful rose garden and butterfly pavilion of the property.

Traveler’s Tip: Located in the French quarter, the Tristan restaurant, one of Fodor’s Choice options, offers fresh seafood, hand-made pasta dishes, and contemporary, stylish décor.

5. Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera

The rocky shores of the Italian Riviera are part of a romantic novel. Its visitors can explore picturesque villas near the harbor, hike through beautiful trails and take walks through the shore of the beach.

Scale the Cinque Terre trails to explore vineyards and villas, and have a view of the ocean. The world-famous Giardini Botanici Hanbury highlights one of Italy’s largest gardens and offers panoramic ocean views. Spend a day touring Portofino, a luxurious villa by the sea with gardens planted on cliffs and many people watching.

Tip of the Traveler: The Italian Riviera got divided into two regions: to the East, the most rustic Riviera di Levante, and to the West, the Riviera di Ponente, more oriented to a resort environment. La Riviera di Ponente is your best bet if you want nightlife and beaches. But if you want incredible views of the Ligurian and a more romantic and peaceful atmosphere, nothing can beat the Riviera di Levante.

6. Fez, Morocco

Going through the gates and entering Fez feels like you are entering a time machine. The medieval streets, the fairs indoors, and the historical sites that the city has will increase your senses and take you to another era.

Visit Heru el Souani to tour the barns that were designed by an ancient king. Cross the square of Medina in the vicinity of Meknes to be able to observe the Bab Mansour, an elaborate portal made of ivory with panels of engraved tiles. The House of Venus in Volubilis houses the most elegant tile sets in the city and provides easy access to the site where it is located in Temple of Saturn.

Traveler’s Tip: Even though Fez is best known for its ancient architecture and historical sites, the region around it also hosts ski slopes. Reserve a room at the Michlifen Ifrane Suites and Spa Hotel if you want to have a luxurious treatment and picturesque views of the mountains.

7. The Greek Islands

There is nothing better than the Greek islands, one of the destinations of the “2017 Go List”. The stunning turquoise waters are an attraction in and of themselves and its rustic mountains, bright sunshine and exquisite food attract honeymoon couples and seasonal travelers alike.

The most famous of its islands, Santorini, allows you to experience breathtaking sunsets and extreme white stone cliffs. Naxos, the largest island, has extensive sandy beaches and deep valleys and green gorges. Do hiking in Panayia Puláti, a white dome-shaped structure and a bell tower that stands out in a shimmering bay.

Tip of the Traveler: If you have plans to visit the islands, consider booking a room for spring or fall. The summer months bring more tourists and have crowded beaches while winter brings with it closed premises and a more stormy weather.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It is natural to get enchanted with the great nightlife and cultural diversity of Buenos Aires. Relax in one of the red velvet seats of the Colon Theater and enjoy an opera or ballet function.

The neighborhood of Palermo boasts the best restaurants and boutiques in the city and offers acres of perfect parks for picnics or long walks. Dance the night away at the Tango Red Dance Club which features five-star food, cabaret-style presentations, and a charming interior velvet décor.

Tip of the Traveler: the seasons in Buenos Aires are entirely opposite to those of the United States: the Argentine winter is the American summer. Visit the city during the spring (September to December) to see the blossoming of the flowers, to have warm temperatures and not to meet with many people in the streets.

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