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iOS 11 vs. Android O, which of the two is better? | AIB

Apple has introduced iOS 11 this week, as well as the new iPad, iMac, and MacBook. A few weeks ago Android Beta was released. Both new versions of the operating system will arrive in the fall of 2017. Which of the two new releases is better? iOS 11 vs. Android O.

Siri vs. Google Assistant!

While still launching new smart assistants, the fact is that we find many users who do not even use them. Siri and Google Assistant are neither assistants nor intelligent. But they are still announcing improvements for smart assistants. Google Assistant can handle sweeping at home, and Siri will now also be a translator.

Apple Pay vs. Android Pay!

Apple has announced that Apple Pay now will also be a platform to make payments between friends. The logical thing is that all mobile payment platforms integrate this possibility. However, the truth is that the useful thing would be that we could pay with our mobile. Because in the end, Apple Pay is not available in many countries and only with a few banks. In fact, it has confirmed that this will happen, but probably only with few banks. In the end, this makes it complicated to become useful platforms for making mobile payments.

Camera Enhancements!

iOS 11 also comes with revisions to the iPhone 7 camera. For example, improvements in optical image stabilization, and also improvements the codec used for videos, which would offer videos of the same quality, but would weigh less. These fads are not very relevant on Android O. Android, and iOS are different operating systems. Apparently, the management of the camera and camera software also makes up the operating system, but in the case of Android phones, it is the manufacturer who is responsible for the software for the camera.

New Control Center on iOS 11 vs. Quick Settings!

But definitely, the innovation that is not new is the Control Center in iOS 11. In Android, we call it the Quick Settings panel. You could activate the WiFi, the Bluetooth, or change the brightness level of the screen. It is now possible to configure the quick settings we want. For example, instead of having the quick setting of Airplane Mode, we can have the WiFi Modem to share the Internet connection with our computer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Colors!

Surely, it is a modernity that was missing from iOS 11. But the truth is that it is a feature that has been for quite some time on Android. Manufacturers included in the customization of their smartphones before, and you could already get something like applications with which we could add a panel of quick adjustments.

iOS 11 has not arrived with great fads, considering that there are smartphones with Android with better technical characteristics, as is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple will have to launch an iPhone 8 of the highest level if they want to have technical characteristics similar to those of High-end flagship with Android.

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