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7 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Smartphone at the Beach | AIB

Bringing the mobile to the beach is for many as important as the towel itself. Despite, so many hours in direct sunlight, sand or moisture, could severely damage terminal and its operation, causing irreversible damage to your screen or electronic systems.

It must be taken into account that, except for those users who have an additional insurance contracted, any such mishap will not be covered by the guarantee. However, new the terminal may be. To minimize all these risks, we will assess seven tips that will be very useful to protect your mobile on the beach, a place that many droids have become entirely useless.

1. The Sun and the Sand!

Precisely they are two of the elements that more abound in a beach and that unfortunately, more will be able to damage the actual operation of our smartphone. Assuming that we can not put sunscreen on our mobile phone, it is advisable to keep it away from the direct rays of the sun. Otherwise, it will start to heat up dangerously. Do not leave it in the sun or the next time you want to look at the Whatsapp you may not just turn it on, but you can fry an egg on the back.

Those tiny pieces of eroded rock, also known as sand, are born enemies of our smartphone. If we are not cautious and avoid direct contact, we can finish with sand through the headphones jack, between the frames, the keypad, inside the battery and the circuits of the SIM card.

2. Keep it away from water!

It’s amusing to take your mobile to the water and to take pictures on the shore. However, better safe than sorry, a fall in sea’s salt water can be fatal to our Smartphone. Moisture and corrosion will do your job fast without us being able to do anything about it. If your terminal is not ready for the dip, it is best to rest in the bag with the food.

3. Buy a Submersible Case!

The submersible covers for smartphones allow us to immunize our smartphone against almost any setback. This kind of plastic bag isolates our device and makes it possible to record or take photos under water, bury it in the sand without any problem or protect it from an occasional accidental drop. These cases are quite cheap and become one of the best forms of beach protection for our mobile.

4. Armored Casings!

Hard as a rock, transparent plastic or colored, these housings will subtract design to our terminal in favor of greater resistance. Mostly it will protect from the accidental fall in which water or sand should not enter the headphone jack output or the micro USB port.

5. Water and Dust Resistant Mobile!

If your thing is to spend hours and hours on the beach, your smartphone should be one with (at least), i.e., water and dust resistant. With such a terminal the user can be calmer in this type of environment by being protected against almost any inclemency or accident. Eye! Even if we have this degree of protection, the Sun, and its rays will continue to do theirs if we leave the mobile phone exposed too long.

6. Password and Pattern!

The beach is one of the favorite places to go when you are vacationing. Every year by this time, the police officers adjoining to the beaches are filled with complaints about theft of smartphones. It is advisable not to lose the mobile of sight for a single moment. If we run the risk of staying awake for a while, it is wise to store it in a closed compartment. Our smartphone should get protected with unlock pattern or password that makes it difficult to access the data. Installing a tracking application is not too bad.

7. The mobile stays at home. Take the smartwatch!

Just a couple of years ago this alternative was not possible. Today we can leave our Smartphone at home and stay fully connected receiving calls, messages and replying emails. The solution is in the emerging smartwatch market and specifically, in those that allow us to introduce our SIM card. This alternative seems like the safest way to get connected to the beach without exposing our smartphone to any risk.

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