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Why Is Mother’s Day Celebrated? | AIB

Our mother is, surely, the most important being in our lives, she is responsible for taking care of us every day, to feed us, to get up at morning and to see at night that we are sleeping like angels. Every mother has unique bonding with their children a connection that goes beyond everything, which’s hard surpassing the rational. The mere presence of the mother is sufficient for the child to calm down. It is the one who gives him the restraint of knowing that there is nothing to worry about: Mom is always here.

History Of Mother’s Day Celebration! 

Earlier, in the ancient Greece and ancient Rome, Goddess Mother Rea appeared, who then both called her Great Mother. The great importance of the Goddess led to the cult of motherhood; they were celebrating this occasion to honor the Rhea.

Anna Jarvis, Founder of Mother’s Day! 

According to the story, in the early 1900s, Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, sought in every way to honour her deceased mother. Ann Reeves struggled and worked for her daughter, and so Anna campaigned for her own mother’s day. On May 10, 1908, Anna organized and succeeded in celebrating the first Mother’s Day in a Methodical Church in Grafton. 

For children, Mom will be the person who will awaken their libido and for little girls is a model to imitate. That is why it is normal for the children to use mom’s shoes to play, hang their necklaces and play with their dolls to be mothers.

We all have different bonds and relationships throughout our life, but the only one is unconditional is that of the mother, even if the children are adults, it is normal and expect the mother to phone every day.

And with time, when the kids become teenagers they begin their destiny she will be happy. That is why, when we say that there is only one mother, we do not refer to the number, but to the function, she fulfills in our life, regardless of whether the mother is biological or adoptive, her love is the most important thing for us. It is an excellent day for mothers to keep them away from all the household works and responsibilities.

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