Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Cruel Reality Behind Dogs Walking On Two Legs Disguised As Humans! | AIB

Ascribing human characteristics to non-human beings is always amusing right? Dogs disguised as a human being is an enchanting visual pleasure, but when we talk about animals and dark-human-whims, what lies behind the laughter is more dramatic.

It happens with the terrible tortures of which he submitted to the net, although the final result is an instant viral, the kind of video that pushes to be shared thousands and thousands of times by social networks, the reasons are very cruel. A small dog, brown in color that walks on two legs for long Periods of time while wearing disguises of the most varied. The dog runs alongside children like a little human and we all slobber.

However, videos have been shared without much reflection here and there; their fame has allowed videos to emerge in which they can see the causes of his walk. Abuses consisting of an almost Pavlovian game by which the use of the front legs always carries a punishment in the form of hard sneakers. The owners of the dogs cause injuries and abuse them as long as the dog knows that he or she walks on two legs or will get beaten.

Dogs are always adorable, small and hairy body causes that automatically its position with two legs is tender. But physical abuse that drives the dogs to walk artificially on their hindquarters is harmful for them. Almost all dogs are trained in one or another way to do what is biologically uncomfortable or harmful to them. It has known that a quadruped can experience significant pain or discomfort by walking on two legs, which is why even mutilated dogs require rollers or other aids to maintain their quadruped posture. Whether it was through violence or not, the dog adopted posture clearly against nature.

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