Thursday, October 17, 2019

Newborn Walks and His ‘Outing’ Becomes Viral | AIB

First-time parents face their baby’s first time as a great feat to remember for life. His first smiles, his first words, his first steps, etc. All these processes have their time and their preparation.

However, in this video, the astonishing is the speed of this newborn to take its first steps. Babies start walking, usually at birth, but this video recorded in a hospital in Brazil shows how a child, a few minutes after being born, with the help of the health staff, stay in and take their first steps.

The little boy takes his first walk while the nurse prepares him for the bath. The strange case has surprised social networks, who have shared this kind moment and have shown their bewilderment at what the baby has achieved.

New Born Baby Walking!

Immediately the video published on YouTube, where it has had great acceptance among Internet users, as it has been highly commented and shared in social networks. Although there were also many people, who assured that this video would be false.

It should be noted that this video has more than 74+ million views and close to 1.5+ million comments. However, many believe that it would be something armed by the same hospital because it is unknown in what place these events occurred.

The video that has revolutionized social networks shows a child, a few minutes after birth, taking his first steps. To the astonishment of all present, the newborn manages to stand and places his feet in a position to walk.

I wanted to share it for two reasons: one so you can see it because it’s too cool to see a baby walk. Yes, it amazes, and a lot, and most mothers and fathers seems a precious moment to see and remember because it is something that will be a long time without doing; Until they can walk.

And two, I did research on this. It is not a strange case, the medical team is not surprised, and yes, it is very habitual, because of all the babies, sooner or later, they do it. In fact, if a child does not, particular attention is paid to other reflexes and their general condition, because of their having some problem.

Here I leave you with more videos in which the Reflection of the March is observed so that you see that it is an entirely reasonable representation:

And here another. The moment a baby’s feet hit a hard surface, the walking reflex is activated:

How funny the babies are walking, right?


  1. Literally every newborn baby can ''walk'' it's just a reflex, growing up they'll lose this till they will be able to walk properly.

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