Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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How To Stay Healthy Even If You Sit At A Desk All Day | AIB

 Most of us have to sit all day at work, still if we like or not we have to do it. You will not see anything new when we say that the sedentary lifestyle harms, much of our health. Being seated is a health risk, and today there are many jobs in which we spend much of the day sitting.

Today, the average office worker sits for about eight hours in a day, beginning all those hours in front of the computer, turning through e-mails, doing calls and even eating lunch. And then all those hours of sitting in front of the TV at home.

Researchers long warned that continued sitting is bad for health, associated with a significantly greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, depression, and backache as well as muscle and joint problems. We saw not so long ago that not even the exercise prevent health risks under spending many hours sitting. 

There is a global approach to how to tackle this problem. In addition to trying to reduce the time we are sitting, we must pay close attention to complement it with physical exercise and food care. You should be standing or doing a light activity for at least two hours every day through working hours, they say, taking regular breaks will help for your well-being.

A good idea to make up for hours we spend sitting at work is to walk or bike to work. Like climbing the stairs instead of picking up the elevator or the escalators and, in short, looking at your day to day everything that is to increase the movement.

Using lunch or rest time to go to the gym or do some sport also helps reduce that office sedentary, in addition to making more productive. Surely near your work, there is a gym, park or a place where you can do some sport in the rest hours. And if there is no way to exercise by going to work or in breaks, the only option left is later. My advice is to look for an activity or sport that you like a lot and practice it as often as you can after work.

Even sometimes, your schedules do not allow you to do any of the above. Then there is only the option of exercising on weekends at home or gym. And there is no excuse since there are even few little routines that we can do at home.

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