Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Google Maps Update Comes With New Notifications And Best Improvements | AIB

The latest Google Maps update began recently to be deployed among users using the beta channel without any significant changes. However, in the APK of the application if you have been able to see some clues on the new functions that will bring Google maps shortly. Freshly, Google Maps released a new update for its users, with version 9.54.

Some clues in the APK indicates that Google Maps allow us to keep more useful destinations such as home or work. Places we go to frequently and that we could register to get from anywhere. It also looks like there will be support for Android O notification channels or even a to-do list within the app.

Two new features could appear on Google Maps to register the gym and school. They would be added to the ones that the application already counts that allow a fast navigation to go home or work. They are saved locations by default that it seems that Google adds to make our day to day easier and that reaching common destinations does not require having to enter one address at a time.

Two new icons, one with the shape of a mortarboard and the other with the shape of weight, that would allow fast routes to these places and that the user should not necessarily link with the school but perhaps with an academy or any other destination that he usually uses.

Notification channels in Google Maps also prepare for the arrival of Android O. Google Maps, as explained from the Android Police, will have a notification channel on Android Or called “other notifications.” It is not known at the moment whether it will be the only custom channel for Maps or new ones will arrive. Everything seems to indicate that this is just a test and the team working on the app are looking to make a wise decision to organize the notifications.

Among the functions that also seem to arrive soon, according to the information consulted, also appears a list of tasks. A pair of designs under the name “needs near” in one of them and with the quick format. It seems to point out that Google Maps could incorporate the possibility of making lists of tasks so that you can go from one place to another quickly and without losing you.

For example, this last option would be useful if you have to go to pick up your children to school, the mechanic, to make the purchase in a hypermarket and to go home. With this list, you could draw a route that would make the journey simpler and increase productivity and speed.

Last but not least, the latest promo is dedicated to the Local Guides Program. It prompts people to contribute to Maps in exchange for some points. The fascinating thing about the promos is the fact that their names contain “v2”, which might mean they are planning for a new promo set.

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