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The new technology always overshadows old ones in an industry that craves new things, some of them will get lost forever. But now some old techs are coming back to life with improved versions, and it seems that is here to stay as many brands are betting on this market begins to make millions of dollars each year.

The good example is Nintendo with its Mini NES, which unaccountably already ceased production, as well as vinyl, many of them in editions of collection and cassettes, which only in 2016 increased sales by 74% in the United States.

Like some old stuff, cassettes also lost their place to make way for compact disc and music players. Today few devices support this format, and we refer this as the old player, but something that is manufactured today for future generations. Here comes to the rescue ‘Elbow.’

BrainMonk is responsible for developing the company ‘Elbow,’ those engaged in selling and promoting independent and experimental music, and are now making the leap to the manufacture of devices to the growing demand for cassettes. The same company defines your device as a “portable cassette player reduced to a minimum.”

Elbow is that a small device that is placed on a cassette has a biaxial arm that serves to pay tribute to the record player but now adapted to cassettes. The arm is positioned on the tape thanks to a magnetic head is capable of playing music, the arm is raised to be placed in any of the two holes of the cassette and thus can have access to the sides of the tape.

In the arm, we have a control wheel used to play music, rewind, and adjust the volume. Note that Elbow does not use the old system of capstans and pressure rollers to control the speed of the tape as it is supported by an optical sensor that monitors the movement of the tape to ensure it goes to a constant speed.

Elbow has a rechargeable battery that ensures up to seven days of autonomy, which will get charged via a mini USB port that also serves to transmit music cassette to a computer. Of course, we also have 3.5mm jack headphones, and a pin which serves to attach it to clothing and so have the perfect player.

Right now, there is no timeline for the product release because those responsible are still measuring consumer interest towards this product, which will determine in the coming months its price and a date for selling out.

However, so far the device has aroused lots of interest in netizens. The Elbow presentation video already has more than 1.5 million hits.

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