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Android Co-founder Andy Rubin Launches First Smartphone | AIB

Andy Rubin, a former Google manager and founder of Android, opened a new professional and business stage with Essential Phone, his first smartphone. The device has among its main features a screen of 5.71 inches that covers practically all its front surface.

Although the official date of the sale of Essential Phone has not yet been confirmed, it can be booked through the company’s website. However, for the moment Essential will only ship its products in the United States.

The starting price is $ 699 (about 627 euros), although there is a special offer by which it will be possible to purchase this smartphone and a dual camera 360º for 749 dollars (673 euros).

Precisely, the accessories are one of the highlights of the first model of the company of Rubin. This 360-degree camera has been defined by Essential as “the smallest in the world” and is incorporated into the smartphone through a magnetic attachment. Another essential phone accessory is a wireless dock for battery charging, although it retains a USB-C port.


Titanium Case And No Logo!

Andy Rubin’s first mobile features an innovative casing made of titanium and ceramic. The company has defended the use of titanium instead of aluminum, more used by other brands, since it is a “harder, stronger and more elastic” material, able to withstand heavy blows without leaving marks.

Besides, Essential Phone presents the curious feature of not having brand logos anywhere on its surface. The company argues that the fact of having manufactured it does not mean that the user “has to be forced to announce this fact to the world.” At Essential they are so sure that their design is resistant to scratches, bends or breaks, that they don’t even think to sell protective covers.

And what do we find inside the Essential Phone?

As for the technical specifications, Essential’s first smartphone shares several features that have stood out the top models in the high-end mobile market, such as the Qualcomm 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of file storage capacity. On the software have not given details beyond that it has Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

There is no doubt that the Essential Phone wants to stand up to the leading androids on the scene, but the company has not been so ambitious in a key point: the battery. Looking at the specifications of the device, the 3040 mAh of battery seems somewhat adjusted and does not appear to be the autonomy will be its high point.

The internal camera of the phone allows to capture, according to the company, up to 200% more luminosity in the photographs; It is a dual 13-megapixel format in the back and 8 in the front. Also, its operating system is an old acquaintance of Rubin, since its ‘smartphone’ will work with Android.

The Essential Phone is presented as a kind of lifeline of everything that is wrong in the mobile sector, but it is only a high end that looks very interesting.

Rubin introduces us to the Essential Phone as a sort of lifeline of all that is wrong in the mobile sector, but in reality what it is is a high end, flagship or whatever we want to call it, and it is all the levels.

It has an up-to-date design with sturdy materials, very advanced specifications and even offers the possibility of using modular accessories – yes yes, for the creator of Android, we expected a greater role to the software. Compelling performances, no doubt, but nothing that other brands did not make a front line.

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