Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Big Bend Curved Skyscraper Could Soon Be The World’s Tallest Building | AIB

The architectural studio Oiio in the US has proposed raising the longest curved building in the world, The Big Bend. It can become an architectural solution to Manhattan’s  space issue. The skyscraper will have a bent structure of 1,200 meters in length.

The company has previously been in dispute with the local rules for violating the rules of land use; this is the reason that they are building the unusual shape.The Big Bend will start construction in the area of ​​West 57rd Street in the neighbourhood known as “Billionaire’s Row”. The administration strict zoning laws of New York City have created a unique set of tricks, through which developers try to maximise the height of their properties. 

“If we double our structure instead of doubling New York’s zoning rules, we will be able to create one of Manhattan’s most prestigious buildings.”


The Big Bend itself is called a high building but not long. The total length of this building from end to end is 1,219 meters. The height of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai itself is only 830 meters, so the Big Bend can be considered to be taller.The study can provide the structures with measures that will make you stand out without worrying about the sky’s limits. The building shaped like a “U” and the design made of a grid of huge windows, very similar to those of the architect Rafael Viñoly skyscraper on Park Avenue.

The Big Bend will begin, but we can be sure he will be a remarkable invention in the world of the global architecture. The skyscraper will also have a very different and unique elevator system. The elevators would be designed to move in a curve and horizontal. At the moment, The Big Bend is only designed for now. We will have to wait for some time to see if the design becomes a reality.

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