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‘Thanks For Cheating Us! We Are Now More Stronger.’ – RELOADERS TV

 Team All India Blogging recently connected to the guys of ‘RELOADERS TV’ which is Popular Youtube Channel over 1,70,000 subscribers on YouTube.
We just talked to the owner of the channel Rohit Vishwakarma whom you must have seen in almost every video of them.
As we are always ahead in promoting Young Talent’s by writing articles on them about their Journey we were getting huge request for this youtube channel. As they have totally different content and they are making millions of people out there.
So we talked to ‘Rohit’ about his team and their YouTube journey till date.
The channel RELOADERS TV started in November 2016 and in such a short span of time it crossed 1.7 lac subscribers.
The channel is about funny Sketches & Bollywood and Real life comparisons, Movie Spoofs and other kind of comedy videos.
Those guys who follow them must know that when the channel started its name was ‘ANGAAR TV’ nut now it is ‘RELOADERS TV’
So we asked him about this that why did they changed the name.
Rohit said- “There is a big story behind it… actually we were two friends both of us were working equally for the videos we were getting good response for our work. After this one day my friend ‘Suraj Jha with whom I was running this channel cheated me and took over the channel then after some time we started this new channel RELOADERS TV it was difficult to gain back my audience and show them my work but we never back stepped we kept going on and now we have more than 1.7 lac subscribers on youtube.”
As nowadays there is a new trend on YouTube of Web Series. Initially Indian people were not more attracted to this but nowadays people love it and follow it.
So we asked him is, Are you planning to do a web series? 
He said – “Yes, we are planning for web series which will be out after 6 months.”
What kind of web series it would be?
“It would be based on bachelors about college life and related to it.”
What other things you are involved in?
“We have another Youtube channel named Wrestling Reloaded where we do fights like WWE.”
So the fights you show are real fights or are they scripted?
“They look like real fights but actually are scripted as the kind of fights we show are like professionals and if we do it in real it would hurt many of us.”
Wrestling Reloaded Team!

This is not yet… The biggest achievement for them was the day when ‘Finn Balor’ the WWE Champion tweeted them about their work.
Below is the screen shot of the tweet by Finn Balor!
Members involved in the channel:
Rohit Vishwakarma (Founder)
 Abhinav Prasad
 Shiva Singh
 Shakti Singh
Zakir kadri
 Rohan Yelve
Vinay Singh
Rakesh Pal
Mahesh Rajpurohit
 Ali Abbas
 Rakesh Shetty
 Amit Shukla
Ashwin Shukla
Dharmendra Negi
Kudos Team! Team All India Blogging (AIB) wishes you more success in near future.
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