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Stop Waiting For Inspiration, Create It Yourself Instead! – AIB

Inspiration connected with an outbreak of unreasonable and unconscious creativity. The word means “to receive breath,” and has its origins in Hellenism and Hebrew culture.

Regarding self-improvement, inspiration also has to do with “receiving the breath,” which comes from an idea, philosophy or creative, bold and new attitude. By receiving regular doses of this magical energy, our mind comes to the state of the experience that never returns to its original state like a piece of metal that has already bent.

Inspiration has nothing to do with a person’s ability. The technique and skill in accomplishing some task are independent of the inspiration that person could feel. For example, it is possible that someone who is not a poet gets inspired by the beauty of a flower; But that inspiration will not be enough to replace the ability to use words fluently to convey their feelings to others.

Inspiration is that feeling that flows from our soul to feel and recognise that what we are going to do will fill us with happiness and a sense of fullness. We feel invincible, able to achieve everything. 

In admitting this inspiration, which comes from the source of universal energy, we must align our dominant thoughts with the things, people and ideas that are vibrating at the same frequency. And then align our emotions and actions to take advantage of that divine inspiration and make it spark a spark in our heart.

How many times have they been relaxed or doing another activity, and suddenly a brilliant idea “arrives” for a project or the solution to a problem that they have not been able to solve?

Inspiration has much to do with the Laws of Attraction because when our thoughts and energy focused on a single end, we attract ideas, people, objects, and circumstances to manifest what we desire. The inspiration that comes from the universe is what activates the Law of Attraction in our favour.

Remember, everything starts in mind and from there, thanks to our thoughts and subsequent actions we realise it. Everything you have said (especially in the critical moments) first had its origin in inspiration and from there manifested in thought and actions. Like everything that has been invented or created in the mind of its inventor and a moment of inspiration.

Inspiration is not due to analytical/logical thinking but to creative thinking in the right hemisphere of the brain. Do you think that Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone or Henry Ford had moments of clear inspiration to create what has revolutionised modern history?

How do I Get Inspired?

Your mental state is crucial. You will not receive positive and creative outbreaks if you are feeling “negative” emotions such as frustration, anguish, anger, worry, etc. You must always be in a positive state of mind, or else you will get attracted to things you do not want.

You must be aware of your body and mind. Silence, meditation and relaxation exercises allow you to be in touch with yourself and facilitate your connection with universal energy.

You must fill your mind with content that leads you to feel and have positive emotions, thoughts and attitudes, and for this reason, it is important to read and study material for personal growth and human development. The more positive content goals in your mind, the easier it will be to find the inspiration that you are looking for.

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