Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Sony will bring PS4 games to your PC via PlayStation Now | AIB

PlayStation Now, the subscription service that lets you stream PS3 games to your PS4 and Windows PC, will be extended this same year with titles of PS4, that can be fulfilled with a single subscription in PS4 and PCs with Windows system.

PlayStation Now, currently offers 450 plus PS3 video games but none of the PS4. Despite the fact that Sony has not revealed any titles so far that will add to the service, I thoughtfully review that catalogue of video games exclusive to PS4, and it makes me “mouth water” thinking about playing them on a PC.

The service will be launched in the coming weeks in private beta, through an invitation that Sony will transfer to new customers of PS Now. If you want to try the service, Sony offers a free 7-day trial. After that, you can enjoy at $19.99 a month.

PS4 game streaming on PlayStation Now works the same as it did on PS3, supporting users to beam a game right to their machine without any need to buy the disc or digital download that sucks up their hard drive space. PlayStation Now cloud save helps users to continue without losing any game progress.

Although PlayStation Now is still not an adequate service, has paved the way for a future in which video game streaming wants to become the king of the distribution of content, as is happening with the Music and video.

The video game has its problems and needs to fix too much in performance, although companies according to NVIDIA with the video game service on demand, GeForce Now, guarantees to propose the ability to operate video games from the cloud, even from low-level PC hardware.The basis of its operation is the same. NVIDIA runs video games on their servers and transmits them to local machines via streaming. That way, you can enjoy a video game regardless of the level of the equipment.

Playstation rival Microsoft also works on it. Although it is not a streaming service, the new Xbox Game Pass, a service that allows playing more than 100 video games for a flat rate of 10.58 US Dollar per month, insists the changes in the level of distribution of games. The same thing as Xbox Play Anywhere, a new Microsoft initiative that unites the world of consoles and the PC.

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