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Nintendo Switch Console Review – AIB

Nintendo Wii U console was not able to compete with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Therefore, Nintendo took the initiative to give birth to a new console to be the successor to the Wii U. Now the console has been released and is known by the name of Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch is the 7th major game console developed by Nintendo; it is a hybrid console, It is designed originally as a home console, with the central unit inserted into a docking station to connect to a television. Alternatively, it can be used as tablet computer from its LCD screen, or placed in a standalone tabletop mode playable by various people.

Before starting to talk about Nintendo Switch, we should analyse its features and to value its price to decide if it is worth buying, it is necessary to put some context.

Nintendo Switch’s Superiorities!

Gaming On GO! The name Nintendo Switch selected to describe the shape of the console that can be changed. With Nintendo Switch we can play games anywhere, we want. Not only be in front of the TV, but we can also play outdoors, in the toilet, in the mall, or even while on the go.


This is because Nintendo Switch is a tablet. Left and right side of the tablet can be paired with a controller named joy-con. So we can use it like the hand-held PS Vita. Or we could take off joy-con and put the tablet on the table. Or we can also play using the TV via the included docking station.

Innovative gameplay. Nintendo has become a tradition spawned gaming devices to be creative and innovative. Whether it’s a Wii, Wii U, or any handheld 3DS, all offer a fun way to play. Even so with Nintendo Switch. This device can be operated in a classical way using the controller. But some games require us to move the body, rarely.

Joy-con magical. Which makes Nintendo Switch different from the others is the controller named Joy-con. With its super-mini, Joy-con can be used to play in many ways. The controller is equipped with a light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and a vibrator that can detect our movements when playing certain games that require us to move.

Additionally, Joy-con can be used separately each in left and right hand, placed on either side of the tablet or used as a game controller in general. Namely how to pair a unique grip that is already included in the sales package.

Stay comfortable. Unexpectedly, Joy-con controller which has the form of super tiny turns offer excellent comfort. Want to be paired with a grip or not, Joy-con can facilitate us with optimal gaming activities. Including when used to play games that require us to move, Joy-con can read our movements quickly and accurately.

USB Type-C. We pretty salute at Nintendo who wants and is willing to use Type-C USB port for Switch. As we know, the Type-C port is already widely used in today’s latest smartphones. Therefore we can use a universal charger or smartphone charger if at any time forget to bring the charger Switch.

Nintendo Switch’s Inadequacy!

The screen is quite small. Gaming device that is designed to be used anywhere, the tablet screen Nintendo Switch in fact not quite superior. The screen still uses an LCD panel that can reflect the shadow apparently so would interfere zoom while playing outdoors.

Poor AAA game, question here is the super quality gaming. Even when it was released, the number of games available for the Nintendo Switch barely ten titles. For the next three months, we still have not seen the game titles available. Arguably, those games that will be released so far is an independent gaming.

Not a multimedia tablet. Unlike the PS Vita, Nintendo Switch absolutely cannot be used for purposes outside the game. Without the browser and media player, we can not use it for browsing or watching videos and listening to music. Yes, quite depressing indeed.


Nintendo Switch offers a gaming experience that is not limited by place. We could play at home on TV or play on-the-go outdoors. Wherever we play, we will get the same pleasure.

Nintendo Switch also offers a variety of ways to play that sometimes requires us to move the body. If only the future can hold many Nintendo developers to provide plenty of game titles, we think Switch can be handheld or console that appeals to casual gamers.

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