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Logan: The End of an Era – AIB

Finally, the movie has arrived that all the followers of the X-Men series (and especially Wolverine ) were waiting. “Logan” represents more than a poster framing the wall of the production company; Represents the end of an era, a point and end of a saga that first came to light seventeen years ago and with which many grew up.

James Mangold (director) and Hugh Jackman (the actor who plays Wolverine) have done their homework. They have been in charge of feeding fans, parasites and starved, with an excellent film that not only meets expectations but breaks with the old rules of the saga to provide a story that speaks for itself.

Mangold took one of the best decisions making the film for adults, endowing it with the same brutality that characterizes the comic, leading to the most authentic and wild version of Wolverine.

(Although it does not contain spoilers, it is recommended to have seen the movie before reading this article).

The synopsis of the plot narrates the last mission of an old and worn out Logan, in a hostile world where the X-Men are a legend, the mutants are almost extinct, and their powers have abandoned it. Distressed, tormented and for the first time vulnerable and exposed to death, Logan lives as he can trying to protect Charles Xavier. He intends to flee his past until a girl knocks on his door: Laura or X-23 (Dafne Keen).

Hugh Jackman
does a splendid job featuring a tough Wolverine and at the same time very human, never seen before on the big screen. If he could resist any attack before, now Logan suffers every stroke, every stumble. Thus, for the first time, the viewer remains in suspense every time he gets into a fight because it could perfectly well be the last.

A rusty and old Charles Xavier is played for the last time by Patrick Stewart, also in a beautiful way, showing the mutant that everyone respects and at the same time a childish old man, worn out by old age. This Charles Xavier is both powerful and brittle.

It is impossible not to take this film as personal: those who fulfilled scary missions impossible, now they are natural, fragile and flimsy. But Laura is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is as fearsome as Wolverine was in his day, possessed by an extremely difficult to control rage, which only with the gaze is able to reflect. However, the writer understands that apart from being a weapon, X-23 is also a girl who is discovering the world.

The magnificent performances of the actors reflect a depressing despair, submerged in a dark prediction about the end of an era. These land in a stifling story, in a rusty space frame and close to being post-apocalyptic, and in the cruel reality that is intended to represent, influenced by the stories of “Old Man Logan.” All three have skills, but this time may not be enough to solve their problems.

In my opinion, it is impossible to conceive a better curtain closure than “Logan”. The eight films that make up the saga give way to this last breath that exhales Logan and Charles, in a claim to the empathy we all feel for these characters. It is certainly the wildest and most human film of the mutants that has seen the light in the cinema, showing us some characters that could be considered as gods before, but now they are not shown as mutants but as people, Haggard and crooked for all the battles waged.

Hugh Jackman has been able to empower a Logan more than worthy, ending a cycle of emotions and feelings. The Wolverine, who went on a long journey, comes to an end seventeen years later after numerous adventures, after making fun; After laughing; After tear. Today we say goodbye to a whole generation. And it is true that this film is not perfect, but fully meets what is proposed. It’s a superhero tape, but it succeeds in being essentially human, and so it’s the best saga closure an X-Men fan could want.

Conclusion:Logan” is the perfect farewell to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart of the roles they have played for 17 years. It is an entertaining film, well thought out but highly bloody, so it is recommended not to take children under 16 years.

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