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How to Stay Healthy and Active During Summer Vacation – AIB

Summer is a good time for vacations with our family before that we must make sure to maintain healthy habits that help us to spend a good holiday without troubles. Our body has a thermo-regulation system by which our body temperature does not change with the ambient temperature. When it is scorching, our body needs a greater effort to adapt to keep that temperature constant.

Here are a few tips that can help you avoid getting upset in the summer.

Body Hydration!

Drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, especially if you are exposed to the sun and avoid alcoholic beverages as they cause dehydration. A bath or shower can quickly and efficiently relieve the heat.

Protection from the Sun!

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage: sunburn, spotting, freckles, or, in more severe cases. They can also cause damage to the eyes if they are not protected. Some precautions are essential: Do not expose yourself to the sun in the middle hours of the day, when the sun’s rays fall with greater intensity. Uses face and body creams with high sun protection index, applying it half an hour before sun exposure and renewing it frequently. Do not forget to protect your eyes with quality glasses that block the excessive impact of the sun on the eyes. A good alternative is sheltering from the sun is a hat or under an umbrella.

Hygiene Food!

At this time of year, we must intensify preventive measures to avoid food poisoning. During the summer, we should rely more on raw foods and the same way the heat favours the increase of germs in food. Both fruits and water these days are perfect hydration. Try to make the time between preparation and consumption of the food as minimal as possible, especially if it contains an egg.

Beware of Bites!

In summer insect stings multiply. To prevent them avoid colourful clothing and perfumes when you plan outings to the field or pool use the repellent lotions. If you go to a place where there is a risk of stings, take some cream with antihistamines with you to relieve the itching. Exfoliation is a good ally of your skin which activates the circulation, softens it and, most importantly, promotes the regeneration of new cells, which strengthens the skin and provides elasticity. Also, the smoother the epidermis, the more uniform the tan.

Caution when travelling by Road! 

In the summer lot of traffic jams and accidents will be on rise. Children are the most vulnerable. Check the seat belt before driving and do not exceed the fixed speed limits. Rest every two hours if the trip is long and have a cube or bag on hand in case the children get dizzy.

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