Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Elon Musk Plans to Link the Human Brain with Artificial Intelligence | AIB

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Elon Musk currently CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has launched a medical research startup company called Neuralink in California. The goal is to develop the technology that will connect human brains to a computer directly.

What is Neuralink?

It is a medical research firm that aims to develop brain-computer interfaces, called ‘Neural Lace’, a technology that could enable the rooting of small electrodes into the brain, that may allow humans to connect directly with what he calls ‘the digital version of yourselves’ – electronic devices.

The neural cord involves implanting electrodes in the brain so people can load or download their thoughts to or from a machine, according to the report. The product could enable humans to achieve higher levels of cognitive function. We can quickly realise that is simply hacking brain.

Musk has previously urged the improvement of human cognition to prevent people from being overtaken by artificial intelligence.Musk has expressed an interest in “neural cord” technology before. He first described the potential product at the Vox Media Code Convention in 2016, said it would enable humans to gain “symbiosis” with machines and he also asserted that the neural cord could prevent people from becoming the “domestic cats” of artificial intelligence.

“To a certain extent, we are already a cyborg,” Musk said at the Dubai conference. “You think of the digital tools you have, on your phone, on your computer, of the applications you have … You already have a digital tertiary layer.”

Although this is the future plan, the first Neuralink products could be used to treat disorders such as epilepsy or clinical depression indicates the report. What is a reality is that there is still much to do in the field of neuroscience before the neural cord is a reality. There are also risks to consider. Only the future will show us where the neural cord comes in, but judging by Musk’s past projects, we could say that he will continue to work until he gets there.

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