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Causes And Effects Of Climate Change | AIB

The primary reason for climate change is a global increase in energy consumption, as well as industrial activity, transport, agriculture and deforestation. These are leading to an increase in the emissions of CO2 and methane to the atmosphere. Climate change even changing earth surface temperature causing global warming.

Human movement since the Industrial Revolution has influenced mainly the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases that have helped to amplify the natural greenhouse effect. These greenhouse gases absorb and re-emit the radiation in long wave, returning it to the terrestrial surface, causing the increase of temperature. 

Climate change is likely to have direct impacts on the functioning of ecosystems and on the transmission of animal diseases, which may present pathogens that are potentially hazardous to humans. Water acidification: the increase The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to a higher concentration of CO2 in the ocean. As a result, seawater becomes acidic because, in contact with water, CO2 has transformed into carbonic acid. From 1751 to 2004, the pH (hydrogen potential) of the surface waters of the oceans decreased from 8.25 to 8.14. This acidification represents a major risk for coral reefs and certain types of plankton threatening the equilibrium of many ecosystems. 

Twenty years ago, the international scientist community was debating whether Earth was undergoing a change in its climate. At present, the discourse has varied, and efforts are focused on assessing the magnitude of the problem and preventing its consequences.

According to the IPCC (International Panel of Experts on Climate Change), global warming is already a fact that is producing and will have grave consequences on climate, the atmosphere including the accelerated melting of ice sheets, glaciers and snows at worldwide high peaks. The free water finally accumulates in the sea and could in the next 45 years raise sea level enough to flood coastal cities in low and delta rivers. It would also drastically alter international agricultural production and exchange systems.

Developed countries like America, Europe and China are responsible for the majority of these emissions, and the risk of over-emission is still growing. As a result, the natural climate balance has altered, and the environment adjusted by a warming of the earth’s surface. We can already see the effects of climate change. That is why we need to mobilise and act. Everyone concerned: elected leaders, technical experts, citizens are trying to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but also to adapt to the changes already under way.

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