Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We will never do Pranks that will hurt Someone – The two Indian

Team All India Blogging recently connected to the ‘YouTuber-Duo’ or you can say ‘Enginner-Duo’ Anuroop BS and Yadhu Krishnan the two guys from Hyderabad that are making prank videos and Social experiment videos for YouTube, you guys must know them as ‘The Two Indian’. Both the guys belong to Kerala but they live in Hyderabad right now

Both the guys Anuroop and Yadhu are Engineers by profession and both work in a Multi-National companies that are Facebook and Cognizant respectively.

Well, you guessed it right YouTube is their part time job. And primarily they work for these Tech Giants in Hyderabad. They started YouTube approximately 3 years ago and started doing pranks on people in Hyderabad and then Social experiments. Currently they have around 7000 subscribers on YouTube. (*at the time of interview*)

As nowadays most of the YouTuber’s are doing some or the other type of web-series so we asked them Are they planning to do some kind of web series. ??
They said “We are not planning any kind of web series right now we will continue doing prank videos and social experiments which makes people laugh

We asked them if they have planned or planning any collaboration with other YouTuber or Prankster they said “we haven’t planned yet to collaborate but yes definitely we are open for any collaboration”

We asked them that who inspired them to start a YouTube Channel??
On this Anuroop replied “I was into anchoring before and i was fond of vlogging stuff etc.  so we just thought to start a channel there was nothing as such inspiration that inspired us to start a YouTube channel”

We asked them that what comments demotivated them or what comments made them like we should stop making YouTube videos
they replied “Nothing as such demotivates us, people criticise everything we take criticism in a positive way and that helps us
well, we need to say it’s a really good approach to succeed in anything you want.

After this we asked them what kind of pranks they are planning ahead?? On this question they said “we will make pranks that are funny, that makes people laugh and not the pranks that are against society or the pranks that hurt someone
We guess they were referring to the recent kiss and run prank that was done on girls that created issue which was done by ‘The Crazy Sumit’.

At last we asked them what are the saying that they believe in or the success mantra they believe in.
They replied a wonderful quote “It’s not the load that breaks you down, but the way you carry it”
Yeah, it has a deep meaning but very useful if one understands it.

Well, that is it about the ‘The Two Indian’ many people requested to take their interview, so now we hope we gave you all the information about them.
And yes they proved that an Engineer can excel in anything. Along with their job in these Tech Giants they are also making people laugh by their funny content on YouTube.

Team All India Blogging wishes ‘The Two Indian’ more success in the future and we hope they will keep making all of us laugh like this.

Catch them on Facebook- @thetwoindian
YouTube- The Two Indian

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