Sunday, August 18, 2019

Nothing Demotivates me, its just the Perspective of Time – Your Guy Hooder

Team All India Blogging recently connected to this 20 years old extremely talented YouTuber ‘Deep Thapar‘ you guys know him as ‘Your Guy Hooder’
As we are always ahead in promoting Young Talent’s by writing articles on them about their Journey we were getting huge request for this new emerging YouTuber.
For the people who don’t know about him- ‘Deep Thapar’ is a YouTuber & owns a channel named ‘Your Guy Hooder’ which has currently 17.5k+ subscribers (*at the time of interview*) and are increasing in huge numbers day by day.
We asked some questions to Deep about his Youtube journey and how he reached till here.

Let’s have a look to the quick QnA-

When did you started?

-I started 3 Years ago

Who inspired you to become youtuber?

MKBHD, i used to upload tech videos before

Youtube is your primary job or part time?

-YouTube is my HOBBY 🙂

People say you copy CarryMinati what do you want to say to 

these people ?

-Keep hating 🙂

Well, we need to say that’s a perfect answer for the haters ‘Keep hating’ with a smile 🙂

Have u planned to collab with some youtuber?

No, not any one yet.

What comments demotivated you?

-No comments demotivate me, its just the perspective of time.

What comments motivated you?

-Constructively criticising comments

What are your future plannings about youtube videos and your goal?

-No destination, just keeping the journey going

People are saying you should collaborate with AIB, TVF, BB ki Vines. Have u thought so?

-They’re too big channels to even get a twitter follow, i’m still working hard on it though

Do you think people are more attracted to vulgur content ?

-Yes, my target audience surely is!

Any fan moment ?

-No, not yet
On this note we need to say that he is the youtuber who has some less amount of subscribers than others but more number of views than others. He is already a famous Youtuber its just a matter of time. 
Soon there will be number of fan moments Deep. 🙂

What is your parent’s reaction?

Poker faces after seeing my videos.

What is Your age?

i’m 20 right now, dont worry, i’m young

Have you stopped studying or will you ?

I’m still studying, i’ll stop it after i get a decent amount in my bank.

So, that’s it about Deep Thapar aka ‘Your Guy Hooder’.

Team All India Blogging wishes ‘Deep Thapar‘ more success in near

future and we hope he keeps us making laugh more louder.

Connect to ‘Your Guy Hooder’ :-
Facebook & Twitter- @iamhooder
YouTube- Your Guy Hooder

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