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Inner Voice of a Son’s Mother | AIB

The people in Team All India Blogging are always in a search for the best writers.

Those whose writings are worth reading for and the people reading it get something out of it. In this search of writers we just came across this Mother who is not a writer by profession but a housewife and a mother of two sons who wrote something for all the Mother’s who has a son.

She has no intentions of targeting anyone or has any problem with them who are the mother of girls but a serious message to all the people out there.
“When my son asked a question to me that “Mummy can’t I be your daughter? then I thought for a while if we can think that our daughters can be our sons than why not the sons can become our daughters? I know that nowadays there is so much importance to girls everywhere because of the incidents happening around and also more priorities are given to girls and its necessary too & even nowadays girls are ahead in every field as compared to boys and this is no doubt a proud moment for me and also for the Country.
As a housewife and a mother of two sons even I used to pray to god before that if I had a daughter I will do this or I will do that but once and and even sometimes even to my son that if I had a daughter my this work would be done or that work would be easier for me than the question of my son made me think that there is no quality that he is lacking which a daughter can have than why to underestimate him even he can do everything that my daughter could do.
Aren’t the boy’s nowadays bigger chefs?
Don’t they come forward to help anyone in the family?
Don’t they care for their sister?
What they don’t do that a daughter does?
After they become a father don’t they change the diaper of their baby?
Don’t they take care of their babies? or Don’t they sit with their children or help with their homework? These complaints you have with the boys?
If their mother or wife falls ill don’t they take all the responsibilities?
It’s not all this, even the boys know the needs, do’s and dont’s of the family.
Even the boys know how to give respect and even the boys know how and when to accept the mistake. It doesn’t matter if you give birth to a girl or a boy both are same it’s not upon you let the God do his job he knows it well.
But my only request to all the Mother’s who has a son is that don’t make your sons feel hurt by taunting them that you can’t do anything and don’t even make them feel proud by saying that you can do everything and you have right to do anything.
Apart from this explain them with love and care that they also can be their daughter’s and they can also be close to your heart as people always say daughters are closer to their mothers.
This world is incomplete by both of the genders, therefore, we should be thankful to the Almighty who has given the daughter’s we should make them strong  and the son’s we should give them up-bringing as given to daughters by love.”
She just wants to pass a message that ‘It is not always necessary to make the boys culprit in every other case related to girls that happen. Every coin has two sides don’t just always watch it from only one side ALWAYS’
Do share the article to all the Mother’s out there and if you are boy reading this show it to your mother 🙂 
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