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Most Expensive Dogs In the World


  • Tibetan Mastiff
A powerful and heavy dog, the Tibetan Mastiff is a combination of  strength and agility. Its body is quite longer than tall. Its walk is slow. The whole appearance is just impressive, with a silent but kindly expression. The coat of this dog, which is noticeably heavier in males than in females,coat is thick and fairly long, especially around the neck and the shoulders. The tail is densely coated with hair and the hind legs well feathered on the upper parts. The hair is coarse, straight and hard, standing off from the body. It carries a heavy undercoat of hair in cold weather, but little undercoat in warm weather which it adjusts naturally This combination of coat types in different weather allows the Tibetan Mastiff to endure the extremes of Tibetan weather
  • Lowchen
Lowchen is a lively and playful pet but sensible though. Lowchen (also called as Little Lion Dog) needs a high amount of attention and interaction and it doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. But it is easy to take care of Lowchen
He is extremely peaceful and gentle with everyone (humans and animals and other dogs also), though he likes to sit perched on the back of a sofa or a chair, looking out the window so that he can announce visitors.
These are the most sweetest nature breeds they are Attentive and responsive to non-forceful obedience training, Lowchens perform well in competitive obedience and agility.
  • Samoyed
The Samoyed is active and requires a daily exercise. He barks alott and should be taught when it’s okay to exercise his lungs and when it’s not. If he’s bored. Samoyed is an independent thinker and can be stubborn when it comes to training. The stunning white coat sheds and requires frequent brushing to keep hair loss under control.
It takes more time for training, exercise and groom the Samoyed. Train the Samoyed with firmness and consistency to overcome his tendency to be stubborn. For best results, use positive re-inforcement techniques such as praise, play and food to him. Plan to give him daily exercise in the form of a long walk or active play in the yard. Samoyed is also a good competitor in dog sports such as agility, herding, obedience and rally.
  • English Bulldong
The English Bulldog is a wide and medium-sized, compact dog with really short legs. The body and head are huge/wide with extra skin on both sides i.e the skull and forehead falling in folds. The cheeks are extended to the sides of the eyes. The muzzle is wide, short and pug with a broad, deep stop. The black nose is broad with large nostrils. The dark eyes are deep set. The rose ears are small & thin and set high on the head. The jaws are massive and very broad, and square with hanging upper lips. The teeth should have an under bite. The tail is either straight or screwed from the end. The short & flat coat is straight, smooth and even glossy.
  • German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is the most popular dog and this breed made a name for itself as a police and military dog, guide and assistance dog, search or rescue dog, or the detector dog. He has excelled in every sport, including agility, obedience, rally, tracking and, of course helping the security agents.
It takes more dedication comparatively to live with a German Shepherd.  One should be prepared to provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to this dog. A half-hour walk twice a day, plus a vigorous play or training session, is a good start for German shepherd.
The protective and loving German Shepherd is a great choice for families with children, but singles and couples who love the outdoors also suits well with this breed.
  • Pharaoh Hound
The Pharaoh Hound is an athletic kind of dog and playful, light on his feet and a jumping is his excellence. Pharaoh Hounds can be most entertaining dogs if one has a sense of humor about how to be with dogs.
Pharaoh Hounds like being comfortable and they have ability can curl themselves into a surprisingly compact ball to fit wherever they want.
The Pharaoh Hound needs a good amount of exercise, but is so swift and agile and has such powerful chasing instincts that he must be allowed to run only in a safe, enclosed area. Usually sociable with other dogs, Pharaoh Hounds chooses any smaller animal that runs.
  • Chow Chow
Chow Chow is more active than other dogs and even comfortable with strangers for outgoing and training
 He usually minds his own business unless someone provokes him, many Chow Chows can be aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. Some chow chows have strong hunting tactics and can be predatory with cats and tiny dogs.
  • Great Dane
The Great Dane is huge dog you can also call him a gentle giant, easygoing and mild-mannered.
He needs less exercise comparatively, but he does need space and shouldn’t be left alone Apart from all thsi, this sociable breed needs companionship. He doesn’t do well when just left alone.
With his deep and resounding voice, a Great Dane never fails to announce the visitors.
To build their confidence early and promote a stable temperament, young Great Danes should be taken out into the world more frequently than most other breeds
  • Basset Hound
These are the most easygoing of all breeds.
They all are reliably good natured, dignified and sociable, and peaceful with everyone i.e strangers, children, and other pets also.
However, this is not necessarily that Basset hound is easiest breed to live with or train. Many people are very surprised, when encountering a Basset Hound up close, at how bulky and heavy this breed it really is. They may be short legged dogs, but Basset Hound weighs 50 or 60 pounds and need a moderate amount of daily exercise to stay fit.
  • Canadian Eskimo Dog
These are the powerful dogs that were born to pull and will go all day in harness. They need a lot of outdoor exercise and revel in semi-freezing temperatures.
The coat of this dog is thick and dense with hard hairs, stiff guard hairs. It varies from 7.5-15 cm in length with a thick and mane-like growth over the neck and the shoulders. The dense undercoat protects the dog from extreme low temperatures.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog
The Bernese Mountain Dog is a steady-tempered kind of and easygoing.
The calmness of this dog and willingness to laze about doesn’t mean he can be skipped up without exercise. Indeed, this dog loves getting out and being trained, especially in cold weather  with his thick black coat of hair, he doesn’t performs well in hot climates.
  • Irish Wolfhound
The Irish Wolfhound dogs were originally used for wars to drag men off horses and chariots. These dogs are also capable of hunting large animals such as deer, boar, and wolves. Today this adaptable dog is also a family companion who is obedient. And even used by police for tracking.

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