Sunday, September 22, 2019

Truth behind 777888999 death call

Only one truth is there that it is a message which is disturbing people and making them fool.
Someone started this message as a joke, and it went viral due to the stupidity of other people.
But the short answer to this question, is.. this is fake, and you don’t have to trust it in any ways.
So the Question arises..
Is it technically possible to blast a mobile phone by calling from specific number?
Currently in India all news channels are showing that if a person receives calls from numbers like 777888999, which contains virus, then people might die.
This is all totally fake.
It is not at all possible. The only way your phone can blast is because of a short circuit within the battery. Theres no other possible real scenarios where your phone can blast. By battery means all the charging and wire related stuff.
The media just runs the news without head and tail just to gain PR, frighten people, gain limelight. Some times media acts so stupid, it makes it hard to believe that these people are educated.
This is yet another case of WhatsApp journalism, its high time TV Channels should stop making WhatsApp forwards into news. Technically there is no difference between the way you receive call whether it is from 777888999 or any other number, there is no question of sending “virus” or “malicious code” through a phone call.
This is just a new trend after “Sonam Gupta bewafa hai”
In india its a new trend for news channels now to make whatsapp forwards a news and gain TRP.
Before circulating the message you must think that have you got any phone call before with 9 numbers in India?
On the other hand some tech blogs are saying..
“This might be possible to some extent, not through the nonsensical way the TV channels are telling you.
There’s this app, tasker on android that automates an activity depending on the state of the phone.
Let us assume you install this app and set the victims phone to throttle to highest cpu frequency possible at all times after you receive a call from a certain number.
So as soon as the phone gets a call from a certain number, it will increase all CPUs to the max frequency and could overheat and eventually blast (could b faster if it is connected to a charger). “
This scenario is highly unlikely according to us.
Please don’t try this at home, or anywhere else.
Everyone has a different perspective.
We don’t know who are the people creating these rumours (or trends) and what they get doing this or for what they are doing this.
We request you not to spread this news anymore.
And don’t frighten to people anymore with this fake news.

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