Thursday, October 17, 2019

This Indian site is 100 times better than Truecaller in every way

If you are trying to identify an unknown number or looking up people’s contact details by their names, “Mobile Number Tracker” offers everything at one place. The site is so good that it is challenging truecaller in such a way that no other site in India.
Truecaller has made a name for itself with its mobile application that identifies a caller before you answer. Truecaller also helps you find a person’s name with a valid phone number, but it has its own limitations. Among several useful features Truecaller offers, the app is not designed to find a person’s contact details using a name without notifying the person. This is what the feature people were demanding from truecaller. That’s where Mobile Number Tracker comes in.
“Mobile Number Tracker” recently added a new feature “Person Finder” to the site, which allows users to fetch contact details such as phone number and email address using just the name. It is as simple as entering a person’s full name in the search bar and Mobile Number Tracker will locate all the possible information for you.
Since the site is crowd-sourced, Mobile Number Tracker only fetches details of people’s contacts who have signed into the site at least once. It currently has a database of more than 50 million contact numbers in India and plans to grow three times more in terms of traffic and database in 2017 which is easy to achieve.
Mobile Number Tracker also has a strict privacy policy which is very essential in order to protect the user’s information from being available publicly. While the site lets you find the person’s contact details using a name, it will only reveal the details when the user signs in with a valid Google account. This way, the site also adds more members to its site.
The site also allows users to de-list their names from the site, which requires filling out a special request form “Report/De-List Number” available on the site. It takes 24 hours to process users’ requests. In order to prevent spam usage, Mobile Number Tracker also limits the number of contacts any user can see which is very important.
Currently, Mobile Number Tracker has nearly 1 million unique visitors a month, Mobile Number Tracker is not far from achieving its 2017 goal. The new “Person Finder” feature certainly gives Mobile Number Tracker an edge over Truecaller.
In contrast, Mobile Number Tracker has been around longer than Truecaller, which was launched in 2009. Mobile Number Tracker was started in 2007 with a simple idea of giving users information about a number’s network operator, state, and city. Since then, the site has evolved and also has an app for Android smartphones and now is the most popular application for identifying numbers and information.
“Mobile Number Locator” for Mobile app was ranked number one in SMS Tools category at for three consecutive years starting from 2010. The company is also in the process of revamping the Android app by adding more useful features and reducing the size of the app from over 50MB to less than 20MB. With these changes, Mobile Number Tracker is hoping to reach 100 million downloads next year.

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