Thursday, October 17, 2019

My Music speaks for itself – Tanishq

All India Blogging’s hunt for the young talent still goes on. And after the multiple articles on young talent’s across the country we have came across this another young talent from Nagpur  who is capable enough to make you move.

“Make you move ??”, yes you read it right this article is about ‘Tanishq‘ a 20yrs young DJ from Nagpur who is making people dance all over India.

We interviewed him about his journey and his ups and downs and his life.

Below are some questions we asked to Tanishq.

When did you started?
I kickstarted my career in music in 2012.  Winning 4 local DJ championships, working with a local event management company & collaborating with artists made me realise my dream of making a career in music.
Who inspired you to become a dj?
-I think I always knew that somewhere, music and I were meant to me, that the course I was studying would never lead me to my career. It was only after I fully realised my passion in music that I was inspired to become a DJ. Now, I am all set to make people groove to my beats!
What was the reaction of your parents when you told them you have to be a dj?
-Initially, I wasn’t sure, I was scared. “Telling to your parents that you want to be a doctor or engineer is much easier than telling them that you want to be a DJ. “
However, my case was different. I’m blessed to have a family who not only accepted my decision but also supported me to the fullest. They did and still do all that they can to help me balance my education as well as my professional career.
What comments motivated you?
-Every little thing does. Positive feedback always helps me boost my confidence. If I do get negative feedback, I use it constructively to deliver better. That’s my mantra to keep growing!


Your age is 20 or below, Many dj’s and people must have underestimated you just because of your age.  How do you deal with them?
-Age is just a number. My music speak for itself. Art isn’t defined by the age of the person who creates it, it is defined by the mind that’s behind it.
What is the most successful moment till date? 

There isn’t one particular moment I can think of. The entire journey has been an incredible one. Each moment has been so magical. The love, the support, all this is success to me.

What comments demotivated you? 
-Like I mentioned earlier, there is no room for getting demotivated. I’ve always looked at the positive side of everything, even criticism.
Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?
-I hope to be a more successful DJ and so I see myself playing in several cities around the world.
What is your goal?
-My goal is to be an influential artist where my music will be my identity. As a performer, I wish to headline all the major festivals around the world. Only then will I be able to prove to my family and friends that all the support they entrusted me with was never a waste.
How do you manage studies?  Or you have stopped studying? If yes what was your parents reaction?
-No, I haven’t stopped studying. I am pursuing distance education while simultaneously shaping my career in music.
Any quote/saying you believe?
-Be focused on your work, Aim high & Believe in yourself. You’ll definitely leave footprints for others to follow!
Some message to young dj’s?

-Be original and take chances! There will be times you will fall, but remember, get up and never give up on your dreams.


That is all about Tanishq, He has proved that ‘Age is not a barrier it’s just a limitation you put on your Mind’ 
Team All India Blogging wishes you more success in near future and we wish you always make people dance with your awesome music.

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