My Mom and Dad are great Motivators for me – Sourav Biswas

Team All India Blogging recently had a conversation with Sourav Biswas who is just 16 years old and is a great tech blogger and YouTuber.

The reason behind interviewing Sourav is just that his achievements are worth sharing and inspiring though. Sourav has more than 1600 (at present) subscribers on YouTube and also has many visitors on his blog. We asked some questions to him about his life and about his career in blogging and YouTubing.

When did you start?

I actually started blogging and got into this industry before 2 years when I was 14. I did not knew other bloggers from whom I could gain some inspirations. I had some niche sites and also worked on some micro niche sites. After I started some earnings, I thought of getting into some serious tech blogging and that is how Tecky World came into existence. Not only tecky world, but I run 11 other niche and micro niche websites which are also doing amazing.

You are so young from whom you got inspiration so that you started soon?

I remember a guy who is into blogging from 5 years now, told me that I don’t need to worry about my age. I can just get into it if I have enough confidence in my mind that I can keep up this work in future and if I have enough knowledge.

What comments motivated you? 

Firstly, my mom and dad are great motivators. They told me that if I work really hard and if I do it from my heart, I can even become one of the top tech bloggers. Even few of my blogger buddies whom I can say a huge part of my life now motivated a lot. Even though they had a huge site or channel at the time when I started and even they have it now, still used to tell me that those are not that age and I could reach those milestones very easily if I work well.

Some other things that motivated me are when other tech brands started contacting me for attending events and receiving their units to review them because wanted their products to get reviewed by me. A huge motivation was when I received a lot of invitations for the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and something which was crazier was 2 of the companies were even ready to sponsor me to attend it. But, since I give more priority to my studies at least for now, I cannot attend them. 

What comments demotivated you? 

There are a lot of haters who said and even says now that I cannot reach places and this blogging is not my cup of tea. But, you know what, I don’t care. I would continue doing what I love to. Some criticising comments do encourage me to strengthen that negative thing which I welcome always.

Do your parents support this blogging and youtubing?

Absolutely. They are the one who helped me for the video showing equipment and even helped me to buy the hosting and stuff for my website when I started with it.

How do you manage studies?

To be honest, I found that it was really difficult to. but, then when I started earning a decent amount and even started getting sponsorships, I now have hired 10-12 other people and we work as a team. Without them, the whole thing could not have been possible.

What is your goal?

Obviously, to become one of the best tech bloggers
Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now? 

As I said before, I wanna be one of the best bloggers and at least want a majority of people to know about me

What other activities you are involved in?

I am actually working with a START-UP right now. Hoping for the best. Also trying to make some great videos and make my youtube channel a bit more popular. I have all gears and stuff ready, just need some time managements to be done and after that, everything would be good.

You write about technology so if some company pays you for writing good or making the video about the gadget. And saying good things about it even if the product is bad. Will you do that?

Even I have got such offers asking for biased reviews in return of money, but I straightaway informed them that I respect my viewers/readers more than money. I do post sponsored articles but still, they are completely unbiased.

Any saying or quote you believe in?

Work hard, success will knock your doors.

Share your experience for young YouTubers and Bloggers out there.

To be honest, it was really difficult to reach the stage I’m in right now, though I have to go a lot ahead. but then again, if you work hard, success will knock your doors!!

Tips for Tech Bloggers!

Firstly, set your goal at something. And start following it until you achieve it. You will surely succeed.
Talking about getting regular viewers, keep these points in mind. They work for both blogging and also in youtubing (if not all).

Consistency, quality, unbiased reviews, quantity (consistency can help it), keeping up with it without leaving it.


At present, I have 11 websites and I run all of them with the help of my team.currently working with a start-up and I love to help young bloggers. I will mainly be into blog reviewing but soon gonna be very active on youtube also.

Wesbite – / (Niche sites are confidential)
YouTube – Tecky World
Well, That’s it about Sourav Biswas. And..  he redefined the quote that “Age is just a Number!”


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