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I will never mislead my audience – Pratham Khanna

As we are always ahead to promote the young talent of India we just came across a YouTube channel named ‘Pratham Khanna‘ the channel has over 1100 subscribers and the channel consists of tech related videos. We checked him on facebook and were surprised to find that the guy is just 11 years old.

So we thought to write an article about him.
It’s just simply amazing, kids at this age are busy in making their drawings and this guy is making such a quality content for YouTube and earning money.

So we had some conversation with Pratham about his YouTube journey and his life.

Check out the Interview with Pratham –

When did you started?
I Started in 2014 when I was 9 Years Old.

You are so young from whom you got inspiration so that you started so soon ?

-I didn’t get any inspiration from someone, I dunno why. My channel started with some random gameplay of some game that i uploaded.

What comments motivated you?

– Comments appreciating my work and encouraging me to make more content motivates me.


What comments demotivated you?
-When someone comments that i sound like a girl or something like that 🙁

Do your parents support this youtubing?
-Yes, They encourage me to do this 🙂

How do you manage studies?
-I study very less, but i get good marks. I’m on my computer for almost the whole day.

What is your goal?
To make quality content for my audience.

Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now?
-Dead ? If not then 1 Million Subscribers 😀

What other activities you are involved in?

-I am collaborating with other Tech YouTubers


You make video about tech so if some company pays you for making good video about the gadget. And saying good things about it even if the product is bad.  Will you do that?
Never. I don’t wanna mislead my audience.

Any saying or quote you believe in?
-“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.” – Frank Ocean

Share your experience for other young youtubers out there.

My experience with YouTube has been pretty good so far. Just keep making good content and you will be big one day 🙂

Ignore the hate and continue doing what you do 🙂

So,  That’s it about Pratham and his YouTube Journey.
We have to say one thing for Pratham “Age is an issue of mind over matter,  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. “
Team All India Blogging wishes pratham more success in near Future. 

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