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You can write your own Success Story in Blogging – Gaurav Kumar

Team All India Blogging recently had a conversation with one of the popular blogger Gaurav Kumar and owner of famous blog/website eAskme.

We asked some questions about his blogging career which will help many of the bloggers out there and how he is enjoying the fruits of success.

So let’s get an insight into Gaurav’s blogging career.

When did you Start?

It was October 2013, when I actually started blogging with a news blog on Blogspot platform. At that time I was not aware about many things like SEO, Google algorithms, promotional ways etc.

I just knew that people make money blogging with Adsense. Wihtin first two months my earning from adsense reached more than $500/month. This was the time when I completed moved to blogging and became a full time Blogger.

In April 2014, I decided to start a technolgoy blog and started eAskme. Now I am writing about latest technologies, health, SEO, Blogging, Startup business, money making, finance etc. on various blogs.
Who inspired you to become blogger?

My journey to become a professional blogger started the day when an 8 years younger college student has introduced me that there is something called Blogging, which helps people to make money online.

I was inspired by this student as he was telling me something which I was not aware about. I never asked him any second question and started my research. I spent almost 3 months on learning where to start a blog and how to make money blogging with Adsense. That student has never told me that he was a newbie blogger who quitted blogging after just one month. So I keep on working and when I recieved the first check of $529 from Google Adsense. I told that student that I am earning now and he was surprised as he quit blogging long ago.

Other than this student, I am a great fan of Founder of, Courtney Rosen. I have learned her story of success. She is the real motivation behind my blogging.

Blogging is your Primary job or Part time?

Since October, 2013, I am a full-time professional blogger. Every year I am achieving something new. Money, Name and fame, these are not the only things which blogging brings to the life of a blogger but It has also given me enough time to enjoy money freedom, time freedom, and location freedom.

I can work whenever I want, wherever I want and earn as much as I want. I am my own boss, no one can order me.
What comments Demotivated You?
A superkey of success in blogging is never get demotivated. Blogging is a passion and how a person can get demotivated by hearing or reading some comments.In Blogging you write your own success story so no matter what others comment, I always find the motivation inside them.

What comments Motivated You?

Success and passion is the real motivation behind my journey as a blogger. When people say “congratulation”, “thank you”, “Like your content” etc. these are the comments which motivates me the most. This brings the satisfaction that I am doing a noble job by helping people through my writings on my blogs.

What is your Goal in Blogging.?
I always want to live the million dollar dream. But as the dream of every successful man gets bigger. Now I want to achieve the trillion dollar dream. Not just money but also getting more popular is something which I always want.

Sooner I will get that.

Any saying/quote you Believe?

“Remember The Name”. You may say that this is a song, but for me this is the path I am walking on. I want to make my name memorable in the hearts of all who is coming on my blogs, being my regular readers or asking me to help them.

Did you ever felt low and thought to leave blogging? If yes why so?

I always say that if you doing something wrong then stop that. But when you talk about blogging, I am super happy. Why would I even think of leaving something which is not only giving me good money but also giving me extra benefits like living my life the way I want.

What thing makes you go on doing this job?

In 2013, I was looking for a change as working in MNCs has broken my social network. I was an MNC guy at that time, who just work and when not working than sleeps. SO there ws nothing social in my life that time.

I wanted to change that. I wanted to live life as a human not as a machine who is living just for work.
Blogging has given me everything. It has not only given me freedom from working in shifts but also helped me to live a stressfull life where I enjoy my time with my family and friends plus makes money even when I am sleeping.
Something about your website and future goals of it?
I am running so many blogs that I can`t count every single blog here. Right now eAskme is doing great. From last week eAskme is also getting featured on UC News, which is India`s biggest smartphone browser based news channel.
My goals are to grow more and do more. More money, more fun, more love of my readers and more thanks to all.
Well, that’s it about Gaurav Kumar. You can check his work at –


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