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These 1000 rupee new notes are going viral. Real or fake??

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address the country on January 2 in a Rally for the Uttar Pradesh Elections. People are highly anticipating that this announcement will be the unveiling of the new 1000 rupee note based in a viral Whatsapp forward.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be addressing the masses in the New Year on January 2, 2016 in a rally in Uttar Pradesh as a part of BJP campaign for 2017 Uttar Pradesh Elections. According to a report in the Economic times, PM Modi is all set to make a policy amendment as the 50-day trial period of demonetization has come to an end.
Ever since this news has been revealed a WhatsApp message with a picture of new 1000 rupee notes has gone viral. Sources are saying that Modi’s big announcement in the rally will be the launch of the new 1000 rupee currency note.
But the viral image on WhatsApp is claiming the new 1000 rupees bank note to be already available in the bank from January 1.
As the authenticity of the WhatsApp forward is yet to be established, one cannot say this green coloured Rs 1000 note to be adjudged as real or fake.
The picture which is circulating on WhatsApp has an image of five notes which were held out, and a set of rules were written below.
The rules according to the viral WhatsApp message read “From 1st January 2017, New Rs. 1000 notes will come. Rs 2000 notes to be returned to the bank. Max deposit allowed 50k(50000) only. This is allowed for 10 days only. Afterwards Rs. 2000 notes not valid.
Don’t keep more 2000 notes.” This message is in line with the idea that the mind behind demonetisation, Anil Bokil, who recently said that the Rs. 2000 notes were to be withdrawn soon as it was a stopgap arrangement.
The rally PM Narendra Modi will be addressing in Uttar Pradesh is a part of Bharatiya Janata Party’s campaign for the Uttar Pradesh elections. The UP elections have been the centre of the action with the elections date fast approaching. The Prime Minister led, Bharatiya Janata Party, have been addressing rallies and making an impact.
This new announcement, which we hope is the unveiling of the new Rs. 1000 notes have been anticipated by the Indian citizens for quite some time. Ever since the Prime Minister announced the ban of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes, on November 8, 2016, the nation has been in a state of chaos.
The Prime Minister had promised to bring things back to normalcy by December 30 while addressing a rally in Goa. As the date has been nearing, critics have taken it upon themselves to unleash at the Modi-led government as the state of affairs are not improving.
While the authenticity of the message is still in question, it does bring in a lot of fear as people are dreading standing in long serpentine queues once again. This move, if made will actually be genius at work since most of the fake notes and large amounts of money detected all over India were in the denomination of Rs. 2000.
The entry of Rs. 1000 notes into the note circulation will play a fundamental role in bringing back normalcy in the Indian household.

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