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“People will respect you until you have Money”- Hunny Khattar

 Team All India Blogging recently had a Conversation with one of the finest Choreographer from Nagpur “Hunny Khattar” owner of “HK Dance and Art Academy”

Our readers from Nagpur Suggested us about Hunny for his life Story that is inspiring and Motivating for the youth out there.

Hunny is just 20 years old and is now owner of HK Dance and art academy & has 6 branches.

Let’s Get an insight into Hunny’s Life to see how difficult it was to achieve this Success at this Age.

We asked some Questions to Hunny about his life from the beginning.


Brief us about your Family,Parents and Life and How it all started ??.
Initially, i was born in a rich family, My father was a self made man and there was no problem of money at that time i didn’t valued money at all.
I was born in Kanpur, due to business of my father we shifted to Chennai and i started my study there.
Everything was going good,and suddenly after some time due to some circumstances there was a split in our family and they did so wrong to our family that we even didn’t have proper clothes to wear and not even food to eat, there were some nights we ate nothing and just sleep.
At the age of 11 after having such big loss we shifted to our Nani’s place but as usual after some years they also started tonting us,
It is bitter truth of life till the time you have money people will respect you and the day you lost you money you will loose your respect too.
My father used to teach me the compromises we need to make and how to handle the situations.
I started doing labour work in Nagpur for which i need to travel 14km away that too by walking and i get 400rs per month for this.
Around all these circumstances my dream that is to become an actor was going far away from me.
Anyhow i completed my 10th and i even make some time for my acting skills and wherever there was some audition i used to go there to try. 
Money was also wasted during this as i have to go for auditions and this was really unlikable by my parents.
I wanted to do anything to fulfill my dream and make my parents happy.
As my dance was good i got scholarship training for dance in Mumbai. The phase in Mumbai was also tough i used to sleep on roads i worked on daily basis to earn to live there and complete my training.
finally i completed my diploma in dance.
Then i left Mumbai and came to Nagpur and worked as a choreographer in one academy at Nagpur and after sometime the one for whom i worked as a choreographer fired me from job and insulted me badly.
After this my parents sent me to Dubai for working there but i was not able to concentrate there and everyday i used to cry and finally i decided to come back we had to arrange money to pay fine in Dubai so that i should come back.
Finally i left that job and somehow started my own academy and slowly i started getting admissions for dance.
People started liking our academy and now i have 6 branches and also an art academy and a wedding planner company although all this is on rent now but soon it will be mine.
Although i have enough now but still there is a fear of being alone.
I am still struggling in field of acting to fulfill my dream.”

What comments of people motivates you ??

“When small small kids come to me and say sir i want one selfie with you & you are my inspiration i want to become like you these comments motivates me allot to keep my work going on”

How your Parents react to your profession ??

“Initially they didn’t supported me because of financial issues but now they feel proud of me as they travel in city people know them because of my small fame”

What is your aim?

“To Be A FAMOUS Actor (positive fame)”

What are your future goals?

“To make HK one of the Biggest Brand in World”

Do you want to open your academy in other cities?

“Yes definitely”

Will you leave your academy if you get opportunity to work in other place for more money?

“No never because HK studio is my heartbeat”

What was the most difficult moment in your life to reach here?

“When my family was against my career”

What is the proudest moment till here?

“There was an event in Nagpur and there was a crowd of around 20,000 people i was called up on stage for an Award and the crowd was shouting HK Hk Hk”


So this is it from Hunny’s Life. For sure Hunny’s life story is not less than an inspiring story.
It is so Difficult to achieve so much after this much ups and downs in life.
Team All India Blogging Wishes More Success in Life.
Keep making People dance on your moves. 🙂

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