Saturday, September 21, 2019

“I just want to Entertain my Subscribers “- Satya (The Satya Show)

We chose this line as Title because the only aim of this YouTuber is to entertain his fans with his original content and Outstanding humour.
Team All India Blogging recently had a conversation with one of the most funniest and popular YouTuber ‘Satya’ (The Satya Show)
We asked him about his YouTube Journey and his future plans about the videos for his fans.
So here it is –
He thought about starting a YouTube channel in September 2011 in his office lift.
He mentioned “it was totally Stupid” about this.
Well, Satya it was not at all stupid. We love you and your Content.
This is what all your fans has to say.
We asked him why he chose the YouTube as a platform to explore him.
He said ” YouTube is an awesome place i just wanted to explore this media of communication”
As nowadays there is a new trend on YouTube of web series. Initially Indian people were not more attracted to this but nowadays people love it.
So we asked him is He planning to do a web series??
So here is a good news for all Satya fans.
He is planning to make a web series.
As Youtuber’s nowadays are collaborating with each other to make videos.
On this note, we asked him is he planning to collaborate with any of the YouTuber.
He said, well not yet decided but will see.
So we can hope that we will see Satya collaborating with other YouTuber.
Satya mentioned that all of the positive comments and appreciation of the people about his content motivates him and gives him a boost to make more awesome content for his fans.
And we can see that. As initially the channel name was ‘Low budget Satya Show’ and after so much love of his fans now it is ‘The Satya show’ may be the budget increased  🙂
Along with Success you get haters for free.
So on this Satya has to say no negative comments demotivates him.
Satya was mentioned for his work on many Popular websites
Such as-
And many more..
He also won the Silver YouTube Subscribe button for crossing 1,00000 Subscribers.
Currently Satya has crossed 1.5L subscribers on his channel.
At last he said “he just wants to entertain his subscribers by doing more good work. “
There is a message for all his fans by Satya.
“You Guys are just Awesome”
So at Last the most Awaited question that everyone wants to know. 🙂
What is your Full Name??  🙂
“Satyakaam..  ” He said…….
You will get to know more personal info about Satya in one of his video which he is planning to do. 🙂
Well that’s it about Satyakaam 🙂
You can Connect with him at-
Facebook- @TheSatyaShow
Twitter- @absolutesatya
Watch his awesome videos-
YouTube – The Satya Show

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