Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa’s boyfriend to FIGHT with Manu Punjabi on the show

Expect a lot of fireworks on the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 10 with Salman Khan.They might be in committed relationships in the outside world, but Mona Lisa and Manu Punjabi have definitely grabbed the headlines with their closeness inside the Bigg Boss house. Both of them have maintained that they are not more than good friends, but their behavior with each other is certainly saying otherwise.
Obviously their romance (even if it is for the cameras) has not gone down too well with their respective partners, especially with Mona Lisa’s fiance Vikram Singh Rajpoot, who is all set to confront Mona Lisa on this Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. If you will remember,  which was a few days back. But then he refused the offer and didn’t end up going to the house. So what made him change his mind this time? “Situations were different then. Plus, I was unhappy with whatever I was seeing. However, now their dynamics have changed since the wild card entries and i feel ready too to finally talkn to Mona Lisa,” said Vikrant, who was on his way to Lonavala when we got in touch with him sometime back.
He also said that it’s high time Mona and Manu watch their behaviour as they are creating a wrong impression in the outside world. “I will talk to her as a fiance and tell her that whatever happened was wrong. We are not only connected with each other, but with our families as well. I understand that they both were faking their romance for the cameras, but not everyone will get that, which is why it has to be stopped,” added Rajpoot.
Not only Vikrant, but Manu’s fiance Priya Saini is also expected to join Salman on stage this weekend.

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